Monday, March 2, 2009


I finally got all mess around scanning in our ultrasound pictures figured out and so now I'm ready to show off the little man.
I introduce to you: Mr. Parker Austin Boan
Here he is at 8 weeks - so small we didn't even know he was a boy!

Here's a 3D shot of his back taken at 10 weeks. Yup...he's cooperative like that. This is the picture we gave our relatives in our Christmas present to announce we were preggers.

And here's another shot of the back of his head. We learned at this appointment that he was a boy - it was 13 weeks. He wasn't cooperative at all at this appointment and I had to go back to see the doctor again for additional measurements.

Here's the little booger at 20 weeks - at our appointment last Tuesday. He's facing us and you can see the hollows where his eyes are and see his two hands.

And here's the "money shot" that Shooter wanted to see more than anything. Yup, confirmation that it's a boy. And he wasn't shy or uncooperative about showing us his boy bits. :-)

Well, now you're all on a first name basis with Baby Parker. We'll keep the updates coming. I need to figure out if he's using Morse Code on my belly...he keeps tapping away and I'm determined to make sense of it. ;-)


bekah said...


the cubicle's backporch said...

That's a cute little alien-looking creature you have there! :)

I think those 3-d ultrasounds are so neat. It's amazing what they're doing nowadays!

April said...

Ooh, I love u/s pics! And these are all great! And love the name Parker. So cute!