Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mind wanderings...

Have you ever just sat back and let your mind wander?

I find myself doing that more often...and I think it's because I have no ability to keep myself focused on anything. Any inkling of adult ADHD that I had has been amplified by 1000. Movies can't hold my attention...I will look around and find something else to do. Books don't hold my attention. I have a knitting project that I can't seem to finish. I can really only muster the attention span to flip through a magazine.

When I allow myself to zone out completely I find myself wondering about the craziest things.

I wonder about whether the earth really is round. I mean, seriously...I'm going on faith here and believing that scientists are right when they say we won't fall off somewhere. I've never been on a boat and ridden around the world by sea so how do I REALLY know. It could be a conspiracy.

I wonder about the creation of life....and how in the world it was put together and arranged. I mean, one minute I was without child and the next minute I was with child. I'm sitting here now with this insistent little fellow kicking my belly for his own amusement and in a few months he'll be in my arms. That's something I just can't get my brain around. It's's's beyond words for me.

I wonder about heaven and when I get there whether or not I'll recognize and be recognized by people. Like, will my grandparents will recognize me? I miss my Nannie and my Paw and I feel like I must believe that one day I'll get to heaven and they'll hug me tight and we can talk about all that's gone on since they left the Earth - that they'll know me and I'll know them. Will I know my parents? Like, will Shooter and I know each other as husband and wife or just that we're familiar with each other. Will I know Parker as my son?

I wonder about the galaxies and how far does all that go? It's easy to think about our planet and the planets around us....but how much more is there out there? How far does it go?

What do you wonder about when you let your mind wander?



calicobebop said...

Holy cow - when I was preggers I couldn't hold two thoughts together if my life depended on it. Now-a-days I usually dwell on selling my house, finding a job, hoping Muffin will grow up strong and happy... The usual domestic stuff. :)

J and J Acres said...

I think about stuff like the earth being round too... I mean, there's A LOT of stuff that we believe to be true b/c other people tell us.

Bogart in P Towne said...

I had a student once tell me she wondered if Jesus put aloe on his wounds...

She was serious.

I miss doing HS ministry.

whitney said...

I always wonder if fuzzy caterpillars like curling up in balls, what birds think while they hear each other chirp, what my kitten is thinking when he attacks a toy or string, and if my fish get bored in their tanks. Of course, my mind goes other random places too... but right now, that's all I can think of.