Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vlog - Parker's first video!!

Well, here is my very first video blog. I decided to video Parker doing his famous high stepping routine. This isn't his very best routine but we get a good look at his potential as well as some of his talking.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dear Parker - Month 2

Dear Parker,

It's incredible to me how things have changed since I wrote your last letter. You've grown in weight and length and filled out and are just an amazing little boy.

At 5 weeks you started sleeping through the night. This is mostly because we went to the pediatrician for your check up and Mommy found out that she could feed you more formula because you were HUNGRY!! Once you started eating more you started sleeping better. Also, we put you in your crib to sleep and swaddled you and you LOVED IT! We were so proud of you after that first night and to our amazement you kept sleeping like that.

We had your photo taken for your birth annoucements around 5 weeks as well. You were the sweetest little subject and posed beautifully. Your announcement was the most talked about topic among the family over Labor Day weekend!

Around 6 weeks you found your tongue. Grandma and I have had a ball laughing at your funny faces and sticking our tongues out with you. You grin and stick your tongue our and smack your lips and you can even curl your tongue! You are certainly your Mommy's boy!

Around 7 weeks you started cooing and talking a lot to Mommy and Daddy. You'd laugh and smile and talk to us every morning when you'd wake up. Mommy loves that time with you and talks back to you.

We spent the week before Labor Day in Tennessee visiting family, you were so great and charmed everyone we met. Everyone loved meeting you and they couldn't get enough of your sweet smiles or your cute belly. Mommy and Daddy spent their first night away from you when we went to a bed and breakfast in the mountains. You were pretty fussy on Grandma and Grandpa and we think it's because you missed Mommy. I came back to you the next day and we were all happier!

You have made so many changes over the last 4 weeks, I can hardly believe how you're growing and changing. You are Mommy's handsome boy and the bestest boy in the whole world - never forget that my special son.

I love you with all my heart,