Thursday, July 31, 2008

Birthdays through the years

As I reflect on my upcoming birthday....I remember past birthdays. When I was a kid, I always hated the fact that I wasn't in school and therefore my stay-at-home Mom couldn't bring cupcakes to my class and celebrate. I remember having lots of family birthday parties because school was always out and friends were off vacationing.

I remember turning 10 and my family getting together yet still reeling from my uncle's tragic accident that broke many bones and rendered him with a jaw wired shut.

I remember turning 16 and all the fun and gifts that came my way. I actually remember turning 16 while on a family vacation to Las Vegas...I was in Dallas on my birthday...I remember it was hot...and while in Vegas my Dad refused to drive us to LA to the Hard Rock Cafe. He was so cruel. ;-)

I remember turning 18 and preparing to go off to college....I remember standing in my dorm room window and jerking it open and yelling at my parents that I was afraid I'd forgotten something. Just cause I didn't want them to leave yet.......

I remember turning 21 while I was away at college taking summer classes. Most of my friends were still at home and hadn't returned to school it was me and a few friends downing tequila shots at Applebees. Woo!

I remember turning 22 and thinking..."What am I going to do with myself now that I'm about to graduate and become an adult." young I was....

I remember turning 24 and believing I'd met the man of my dreams. I hated his Mom, nevermind he was a Momma's boy, but I loved him. Yea....about 4 months later I saw the light.

I remember turning 27 and counting the days until I married Shooter....we were about a month away from our wedding date.

I remember turning 29 and being in a depression for the next 6 months as I contemplated turning 30.

I remember turning 30 and thinking, "This aint' so bad!"

I remember turning 33 and having a bit of a mid-life crisis.

I remember turning 35 and wondering where the heck the years have gone!

Now, as I am facing 36....I can say that I'm happy with me. I'm happy with my marriage and completely in love with Shooter. I love my pups dearly...but desperately want a human child to add to the household. I am content with my job and the things it affords us. I am happy with God and church and all my friends. The one thing I'm certain of is that things will change. Luckily, with each passing year, things have changed for the better....oh some years were a change for the worse....but in general I've made many leaps forward. 36 ain't so I got to grow up in the 80s when some of the best music ever was made!!!!! (but that's a discussion for another post)

Later lovelies!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good news, ants and crabbity crab crab crap as I stated below, I made the leap and created an Etsy store. If you scroll down, some of my listings are showing in the column on the right. Tell everyone you know...I'd like to maybe sell one, or two things. No pressure or anything. ;-)


I really don't like bugs. I hate spiders. Water bugs freak me out. Slugs cause me to hyperventilate. Ants, ugh...ants cause me to break out in spontaneous itching all over my body. At the bus stop, we have a colony of ants who've moved in just a few steps from where we catch the bus. Their mound has grown every day for the last two weeks and nothing's been done. Ugh...I'm itching now just thinking about them!!!! It's just like when my Mom was telling me about a camping trip she and my Dad went on with some of our family and how everyone had all these little bitty ticks on them and they had to comb over every inch of their person with a find tooth comb and extract something like 20+ ticks from their bodies. NO NO NO!!!! I don't want to know that!!!! My scalp itched for two weeks and every time I had the slightest itch I feared the ticks had found me. Ugh!!!!!


Oh, and I just found out today that I could have been billing time for the Friday staff lunches we have in the office. That means I could have been billing 30 min every Friday for the past....ohhhh....9 months at least!!!!!!! And....I can't go back and bill it to make up....even though apparently every other admin was billing the time. Why, oh why, couldn't someone have told us that we could bill the time? Why wasn't an email sent indicating this? Grrrr.....hacks me off is what it does more than that....but I'm trying to keep this family friendly around here.


Later lovelies!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Friendship and things your Momma never told you

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a friend?

I mean, there's no "friend police" out there with a set of rules that we all follow. Women all have different ideas about what a BFF is and who can be your BFF. Some women wouldn't dare call anyone their BFF. Introverts perhaps don't really know how to be friends. Extroverts can't imagine life without a huge group of friends.

I have been wondering lately what it means to be someone's friend. I never got the lecture from my Mom regarding friendship that I did about boys and sex and puberty and such. The closest we came to it was when I was in Middle School and one of my church "friends" pushed me and called me a name and I pushed her back. She cried to her Mom and I got in trouble. (Story of my life!) I remember my Mom telling me about how I should try harder to be her friend and I remember arguing and telling my Mom that this girl was so fake and I couldn't stand being around her. After that, I just sort of muddled my way through it as best I could and tried not to stick out in the crowd too much.

I've had friends in my life....most have come and gone with the passing of time or changes in lifestyle. I look back on my former friends and wonder what happened....was it me? Is it my fault that I don't keep up with many friends from high school? Is it my fault that I don't keep up with any of my college friends? I will admit right now that I am an introvert. I love my quiet time and solitude. Give me a book and I'm happy as a clam. I however, don't want to pass all that off and lay it on the shoulders of my introverted self. I am not patient. I take things too personally sometimes. I don't like to be made into someone's punching bag so they can let out all their gripes and frustrations. I don't like to always be the giver - although I am a giver, to a fault.

But I wonder....what's the difference between me and the next girl who keeps up with her preschool friend and still chats daily with her college roommate?

I wonder, what makes some friends give and give and give and some friends take and never ask why. I wonder what causes some friends to constantly be looking out for others and some friends are always trying to put others down. Perhaps it's not a "friend" thing....but rather a woman thing. Perhaps it's "Mean Girls" for the adult set?

Well....all I know is that I have tried, probably not as hard as I should, but I have tried to be a good friend to those I've crossed paths with. I just wish Momma would have sat me down and given me the birds and bees explanation of friendship.

I jumped....

Alright, bloggie peeps....I jumped. I got a big running start and just went for it.

I set up my Etsy store for my photography.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday, Oh Sunday.....

My how the weekends fly. This weekend my parents came down to celebrate my birthday...a little early. It is always nice to have them in town and I always have fun with them. We had a great trip to IKEA where I bought a few really cool things for the house and found some bedside tables I fell in love with....unfortunately a lot of people like them and they were sold out...just my luck. ;-)

Mom always finds great things from Marshalls and she brought me several new items for the house and I loved all of them!


Several of you have asked about my Flicker page. Here is the address:

I do think that if I open an Etsy shop, I'd give you the opportunity to ask for specific pictures from my Flicker page. There's a convo option there that I think would work well for this.


My friend Di's Etsy shop is up and running for her To Di For Designs shop. She's got some awesome necklaces and matching bracelets for sale....and I took the pictures for her. hehehe

Do pay her a visit...


I watched the Golden Compass today....I thought it was a really good movie....however I HATED how it ended....I mean....don't leave me hanging like that. Ugh!!!!!

I also saw The Dark Knight with the parents and Shooter this weekend. Wow!! What an amazing movie. Heath Ledger was amazing in the role of the Joker. He's guaranteed the Oscar this year for that role and he deserves it. Honestly though, I felt like it was about 45 min too long. They so could have cut most all of the Harvey Dent villain part out and left that for another movie. My butt was so asleep by the time the movie was over.

------------------------------------------'s back to work tomorrow....hope you all are ready!!!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Complete Stream of Consciousness when I do daily things like take a shower or blow dry my hair - I tend to zone out and my thoughts wander randomly. I'm sure this shocks each and every one of you to think that I allow my thoughts to wander. Anyway....there was a blurb this morning on the news about how a local woman was shot and killed and she was a teacher in a local county's schools. I thought to myself, "Well, how horrible is that. Her family is distraught and imagine how the kids who admired her feel." That led me to thinking about teachers that had really made an impact in my life. I then thought of this particular teacher that my brother really loved, Mr. Ferry. I remembered seeing Mr. Ferry working at the local department store during the summer and during holidays to make ends meet. I thought, "Ya know, it's got to be hard as a teacher to have to supplement your income with part-time work that way." I then thought about how peculiar it was that my brother decided to name his stuffed bear (for you kids of the '80s it was a Pot Belly Bear - and my brother somehow forgot him in a hotel room in Georgia on a trip to Florida one year.) Mr. Ferry - but eh, whatever he's my weirdo little brother. And it was rather peculiar that the bear was potbellied and so was Mr. Ferry. I then thought, "Ya know....Mr. Ferry was this late 30's guy who was single and taught 2nd grade and was kinda creepy now that I think about it." I then unearth from somewhere in the recessess of my brain a tidbit from the local paper where Mr. Ferry had been arrested years ago on some kind of public indecency charge.

Strange how the brain works, eh?


The other day I went to my local camera store to pick up the enlargement I had made of the picture above. I had this made into an 11x14 picture and then picked up a double matted 16x20 frame to put it in. I just can't believe how incredible it looks. I am tempted to start selling my photos. Do any of you guys buy photos online, from Etsy or other places? Would you be interested in any of my photos that I've showcased through my blog or you've seen on my Flicker page? Feel free to email me directly with your feedback...and please be honest. I'm not sure if my stuff is worth me investing in all the equipment - Shooter seems to think so but I'm pretty sure he's biased. ;-)


Oh...I found out yesterday that I might be picking up a few more peeps in the $50 per person picture taking adventure. Turns out the regular guy really screwed up yesterday and didn't do what they needed/wanted. hehe....I can't tell you how much I'd love to have that as a regular gig.


Also, my coolest friend Di is going to be opening up her own Etsy shop for her new venture called To Di For Designs. She's making one of a kind beaded necklaces and bracelets. They're gorgeous!!!! Make sure you keep up with her - her blog link is over on my blogroll - and go visit her shop once she gets it up and running.




Monday, July 21, 2008

A Pretty Decent Monday....

Wow...after totally not wanting to get up and moving this's turned out to be a pretty decent day.

I hadn't mentioned this because I never like to talk too much about work and especially not on my blog - but I interviewed last week for a 50% position at work. I was asked today to accept the position - and I did!! I'm so excited. Basically my job will now be 50% Executive Assistant (staying with my boss who I've worked with for 4+ years) / 50% Training Coordinator for Consultants and Admin. I have an amazing opportunity ahead of me in that I will be working with my supervisor to create a comprehensive training program for the admin group. I will also handle all the training needs for all consulting staff in our office. I'm super excited about the challenge.


My parents are also coming into town this weekend - they're bringing my cousin SK some furniture and seeing me in advance of my b-day. In preparation for their arrival, I was framing some photos and such yesterday. Wow...I can't wait to get them all up on the walls!

Also, we found a king sized headboard in brown leather at Garden Ridge for $200!!!! I loves it. When the 'rents arrive I'm going to get my Dad to go with me and we're going to go pick it's a little big to fit in our little car - good thing they're bringing the truck. :-)


Oh....Shooter bought a HUGE smoked pork butt this weekend....something like 15 lbs of meat. I've already eaten it smothered in BBQ sauce twice this weekend. Now I'm brainstorming on all the different ways I can eat pulled pork. I'm think enchiladas one night (Thanks, Di!!) and other than that I'm stumped. HELP!!!!!



Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday bits and pieces

Well....I've been a royal lazy bum today...Shooter had to work and only moved from the bed to the couch to the bed to the couch today. I was completely engrossed in the new novel I was reading, Stephanie Meyer's "Twilight". I finished it and started the second book in the series, "New Moon". I'm completely obsessed with them and cannot put them down. I'm paying for it as I have a headache from having my head buried in the pages for so long.


I know I've only been at this blogging thing for a short time....but I just don't get the whole BlogHer thing. Don't get me wrong....I'd love to visit San Francisco....but.....


I was asked by some folks at work to take pictures of a couple of women coworkers for a new recruiting brochure we're working on. I was glad to help out....the regular photographer was on vacation and they had to be taken care of this week. I found out they pay the regular photographer $50 per person to take the photos.....I made $100 for taking 20 min worth of photos. I am so going to try to secure that gig!!!


So, my hairdresser is moving salons. Today in the mail I get a letter from her new salon with her new information as well as a letter from the former salon. The former salon is offering me all these discounts to keep coming to them. Little do they know that every other stylist there is looking to leave. No way I'd keep going there. Apparently one of the co-owners is a bit bipolar and is prone to throwing towels and cussing out the staff. No wonder they're all looking to leave.


It's official - I'm totally addicted to Facebook


Okay....who in God's name thought it would be a good idea to give Brooke Hogan another reality show? Gag me.

God bless the person who decided to bring back Paradise Hotel, though. :0)


Tomorow is another Sunday where we're teaching the preschoolers....I'm sure it'll be another amazing day of hilarity and burps and all around fun! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Black Hole, Angel Food Cake and......Racism?!?!?!

Okay...ya know...I try to be as sensitive as I can to the politically correct movement in this country. BUT sometimes people, and by people I mean African-Americans, and by African-Americans I mean Black people, take it way too far.

I read the following article on this afternoon and it just blew me away.

Texas County Official Sees Race in Term "Black Hole"

I mean, seriously?!?! A white person make a comment about a department being a black hole for paperwork and a black person takes offense at that? Please! And to demand an apology for the racist remark? I shake my head....

Then the idiot....yes, I called Mr. John Wiley Price, who's a black man, an idiot....went on television in Dallas and said that he thought other terms were racist.

"So if it's 'angel food cake,' it's white. If it's 'devil's food cake,' it's black. If you're the 'black sheep of the family,' then you gotta be bad, you know. 'White sheep,' you're okay. You know?" Price said.

I mean, do you make the leap from someone making a derogatory comment like calling someone the "N" word and someone calling a local government department a black hole. To me this is straight up ignorance...that's what I have a problem's not someone's skin's the fact that they're just ignorant. This sounds like a sad attempt at making someone out to be a bad guy and get attention for yourself.

Oh well...I'm off to make a racist devil's food cake this weekend....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday reflections's pretty amazing how a good night's sleep can help clear your head. Yesterday was just a really hard day and I ended up crying over dinner and then having a good cry when I got home later. It was a chance to purge myself of all the sadness, bitterness and doubt that had plagued me all day. It's gone...the clouds have lifted....your comments were certainly cherished.


Now....can I just say that I really do have a problem with men who decide to be less than gentlemanly. I was on the bus this morning coming from the outer reaches of Mongolia where Shooter and I decided to buy our little slice of paradise...and since I was one of the last lucky patrons to board, I got to stand. I had men sitting all around me and not one of them got up and offered their seat to me. There were 4 other women standing, besides myself, and no one offered them a seat either. What's up with that? I mean, seriously.


For the first time in over a month Shooter was home before me last night! It was awesome to have him back on a regular schedule of getting home before primetime TV starts!!!!


Praise be to the makers of Excedrin Migraine. I got home last night and was barely able to open my left eye. I left my sunglasses on for over 30 min. I was sick to my stomach and bitchy....and then I took two Excedrin Migraine, laid down for 30 min and I was a new woman. Praise be to that miracle little pill. :-)


I have to say that I'm addicted to Facebook. I love it. Myspace is crap next to Facebook.


I tried to go today and give blood. I wanted to do my part as a red blood cell producing American so I signed up and hauled myself down there. I finish filling out the form and then am reading the mandatory informational packet and I realize I didn't bring my ID I'm going to have to come back up to my office and get it. And then I also notice that I'm supposed to speak with the registration crew since I've had a tattoo in the last 12 months. So, I mention this to them...the kind lady looks at me and says, "In the State of Georgia?". I answered that yes, it was in Georgia. She said, "Well, Georgia doesn't regulate tattoo parlors (or something like that) so we have to mandate that you wait 12 months after having a tattoo." Well crap that! I tried to do my duty and give a little blood and I get turned away. I didn't need to lose any platelets today PHBLTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!


Peace, love and chicken grease, ya'll!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tears, disappointment, and hope

It's been 6 very long months. 6 very long yet very fast months. Now it's time for some kind of intervention. Not sure just how much intervention is needed or wanted. The ups and downs are hard to deal with sometimes. I tell myself to hang in there....but my self isn't doing so well today. Today is another day of disappointment. But, I have hope....I touch the brass ornament that hangs on my doorknob every morning. I think about what it means....what the future holds....what lies ahead.'s about all I have right now.....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Preschoolers, Burps and a Pastor I've linked to a few video blogs by my Pastor - he's a really awesome guy with a great sense of humor. Well, he's taking a few weeks off from preaching as we go through a series called One Prayer - we're getting messages by video from 4 different pastors around the country. Well, as I'm working with my 4 year olds on Sunday, Pastor Ritchie comes around to visit with us. We're in the middle of snack/story time and so it's a good point to take a break. He pokes his head in and asks how everyone's doing and one of my precious little boys, named Ethan, lets out this rip roaring burp like none I've ever heard before. Ethan smiles, giggles and then when he catches my eye says, "'Scuse me." I laugh, Pastor Ritchie starts laughing hysterically and says, "Well, it certainly sounds like you guys are having a blast in here." I say, "Well, it's always something new from one minute to the next!" Pastor Ritchie then asks how old these guys are and I told him they're all 4 and explain that we just promoted up a bunch of kids who're getting ready to go to kindergarten to Kids Town. Then I played this little game with the kids that I've been doing for a few weeks....I ask them if they'll still come back and see me when they get big and go off to Kids Town. They all start yelling "NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" at the top of their lungs and I pretend I am crying because they'll leave me and never come back. I always have one or two...usually the girls....who'll say, "Miss Laura, we'll come back and see you because we love it here." Well, melt my heart....

Pastor Ritchie leaves and I can hear him laughing as he makes his way down the hall...I think we made his morning!

It's always something with those buggers....I wouldn't trade 'em for anything though!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fireworks, boating and grilling!!


What a wonderful 4th we had this past weekend. I hope everyone else did.

We started off by sleeping in on Friday was wonderful...I don't think we finally emerged from the cave that is our bedroom until about 8:30am. Well, I should say that I emerged from our cave of a bedroom and Shooter remained curled up in the covers until around 10:30am. He needed it....that poor guy has been commuting 90 min each way for the last 3.5 weeks. I'm over it....and thankfully his stint ends today! Woot!! We then headed over to my BFF Di's new house for a housewarming/4th celebration. Her house is GAW-GEOUS!!!! I'd so buy it in a's my kind of crib. ;-) We had fun cooking and celebrating and playing with the kitties and by 7:30pm Shooter and I were crashing. We headed home before the fireworks, but got to enjoy (NOT!!) some around our house. I'd say around 10pm we started having some fireworks pop right over top of our house! I looked out the sliding glass door and saw the flashes going off. The dogs were going bezerk! Shooter, being the responsible citizen that he is, went out to see what was going on. Needless to say, the fireworks went on until right at 11pm and then quieted down....which is a good thing!

Saturday was a lazy day for me...Shooter got up and drove across town to spend the morning/early afternoon with his friend Federovsky. Fed is a former neighbor of ours that we've kept in touch with and he and Shooter like to go to the gun range and such. So they had a great time being guys and burping and whatever guys do when they're together. Me, I stayed at home in my PJs and did laundry...lots of laundry....and ironed....lots of ironing. I had let my ironing pile really get big and needed to tackle it desperately. So....I pulled the ironing board into the bedroom and put the TV on the Food Network and steamed my way through the pile. It's so nice to not have to iron something every morning. I figure I'll get to enjoy this for another 4 days and I'll be back to the pile again. ;-) Saturday evening our friend Dusty from church put on a concert that was really awesome. He could have sang for two hours and we still would have wanted to hear more...he's got such a great voice!

Sunday....oh Sunday....yes, we taught preschool again this week. I have a whole post dedicated to that...oh my's always interesting! We stopped at the Wally World to pick up a few things and barely made it home before the storms started rolling through. I managed to get a birthday cake baked before the power started flickering. (Which NEVER happens!!) We laid down to take a nap and two hours later we awoke to sunshine and humidity that would melt your face off! Needless to say, we braved it all and went to the house o' Profs (some friends of ours who have this fab lake house) and grilled out and enjoyed a great dinner outside. Just when I was ready to fall asleep on their patio, they shake us awake and take us down for a boat ride. Whew! It was so nice out and we had a great time chatting with Les' parents and playing with their pups. By the time we got home it was close to 10pm...where does the time go, anyway?!?!?!

So today....I'm needing a long weekend to recover from my long weekend!!! ;-)

Oh...and apparently our wireless router started to bite the dust little by little over the last few weeks. Shooter went and bought us a new one on Friday and now I've been enjoying surfing the internet from all corners of the is good again!!

Hope you guys are adjusting to your Monday back at work!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lordy what eye candy....

Okay...can I just say that this past weekend I was treated to some of the best eye candy on TV. some of you may not agree, but I KNOW at least one of my readers will.

I had told someone a while back that if I had nothing to do on a Saturday but lay around on the couch and watch TV, and if there was nothing on but a marathon of Dirty Jobs and No Reservations, I'd be in heaven!!!

Well kiddos....this past weekend....there was a marathon of Dirty Jobs on!!!!! The heavens opened and angels sang. *sigh* Mike fill out a pair of jeans so well. I can't help it ya'll...he's manly and dirty and hunky and has fabulous arms and pecs and just is so darn masculine. *sigh*

Contrast that with my other "love", Anthony Bourdain. A skinny, New York chef who lacks any real muscular appeal....but he has this fabulous salt and pepper hair....and he can cook a mean meal. Plus he has that dry, sarcastic wit that just makes me melt. ;-)

Then there's Romeo....he's the best of both of them all rolled into a neat little package.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Total Tuesday Randomness the dogs did it again....actually I should say that their absent-minded Mom just left everything they needed to make a big mess in the kitchen floor. Shooter and I went to the store last night and I forgot to grab a bag of items that I was throwing away from my snack cabinet. Well, Leah and Morey had all the fixin's for a grand feast. They ate an entire graham cracker crust - including gnawing a bit on the aluminum pan, they ate 1/3 of a bag of Trader Joe's Veggie Sticks, and some pistaschios. Somehow they didn't manage to get into the bag of dried apricots or dried apples. Or Cheez Its. Or Granola. Or Lucky Charms. Thank goodness. Leah did however look like she'd swallowed two softballs and has been drinking water like she's been in the desert for two weeks. Go figure.


I have seen two fabulous movies over the last two weeks. You must go see the Incredible Hulk. I're saying that you wouldn't dare go see it after the fiasco that was the Christian Bale version...but trust me....this one is awesome. It is action from beginning to end. The special effects are amazing. Edward Norton is really, really good as Bruce Banner. I would also make sure you go see Ironman before this movie. I still haven't seen it and have been told that some of the ending will make more sense if I'd have seen Ironman first.

Shooter and I went to see Wanted on Friday night. We haven't seen a movie on opening night in, well, I can't remember how long. It was AWESOME!!! You have to go into it knowing that it's based off of a graphic novel series and that it's really a sci-fi type movie. The stunts aren't supposed to be plausible. Bullets can't be curved...but who cares! James McAvoy plays a character you kinda come to hate...but admire at the same time. You almost start to like the "bad" guys better than the "good" guys. I certainly didn't see the ending coming either! Definitely a must see!


I went home to Tennessee a couple of weekends ago for the Secret City Festival and the Lavender Festival. Awesome time was had by all. I bought some of the coolest jewelry - especially a bracelet and earrings made from old pennies. They'd been pressed so that they were curved and linked together with decorative silver pieces. The earrings are simply the pennies. I will have to take pictures because they're the most unusual jewelry pieces I own.


I've been a salsa and gucamole making queen here lately. I made a triple batch of salsa for a co-worker's birthday party and a huge mound of guacamole. All soooooo good! I have to give Shooter the credit for going to the Farmer's Market and getting all my food items. He's such a sweetie! :-)


Well, July 4th is upon us....time for patriotism and flags and parades and fireworks. We're taking it easy this July 4th. No family commitments...only hanging out with friends. I can't wait! Gonna hang with my fabulous BFF Di on Friday. Hanging out with the small group, and more, at my pal Dusty's concert at Church on Saturday night. It will be an awesome event, can't wait to hear him sing familiar church stuff as well as some rockin' other tunes. Sunday we're teaching the kids in preschool (Lord, please send me some girls this know it's so hard to make boys pay attention and none of them want to color with me, they all want to wrestle with Shooter. Amen.) and then most likely hanging out with the small group at the lake. *sigh* I love that I can type so many references to "hanging out". hehehehe!

What are your plans for the looooooong weekend?