Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recipe time!! Hawaiian Chicken Burgers

So....I've been on my diet for well over three weeks and I've lost a little over 10 pounds.  I'm now working some carbs back into my diet and branching out into some more recipes.  I have been fasting from Facebook and I think I may have replaced my infatuation with it with a new fascination with Pinterest.  The other day I came across a recipe for the most delish sounding burgers, Hawaiian Chicken Burgers.

Shooter had to work late tonight so I ran by the store, picked up groceries and then picked the Todder up from day care.  Ran in and started dinner.  These are the most juicy burgers.  I grilled up some pineapple to top them with and melted provolone cheese over the tops.  I spread a little bit of dijon mustard on the buns and I think it really added a nice tang. 

I also baked some sweet potato fries and it turned into a great alternative to the traditional burger and fries.  Give them a chance and try these amazing burgers tomorrow!

Monday, January 9, 2012

I think I might be a bit crazy

Okay....so bad things happen with I'm being a couch potato with my laptop on my lap and the TV on.  Bad things....like, I order really cute stuff from Ideeli.  Bad stuff....like I decide that my couch potato self needs a real kick in the butt and I order something call the P.I.N.K Method.  Yea...I was watching the doctors and they talked about how much weight you can lose and that you lose the bad weight....that stuff they call visceral belly fat.....and I caved and ordered it.

Today is day one of my P.I.N.K reset.  Basically that means that I eat nothing but veggies and a little protein and will become a farting machine in about 12 hours.  I'm supposed to lose something like 5-10 pounds in the first two weeks.  We'll see.

My church is also doing a Daniel Fast so the start of my diet works beautifully with this....they're very similar.  As part of the Daniel Fast, I've also decided I'm going to fast Facebook for 21 days.  It's day one and I'm thinking I might have been a bit crazy to do that.  I have, however, made a decision to pray for my friends, family, church family and community every time I think of filling time with Facebook nonsense.  So far it's working.

I look forward to seeing what the next 14-21 days brings my way!!