Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas baking is under way!!!!! it really time for me to fire up the oven again?!?!?

I am gearing up for my holiday baking marathon by starting with my Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies. The oven is on and the ingredients prepared....just have to wait for the butter to soften. Why is it that I always get the urge to bake but am then stopped in my tracks by having to wait for butter to soften?????

Once Shooter gets back from his errands, he'll have the ingredients for me to make some Angel Whispers, which are lightly lemon sandwich cookies with a lemon curd filling. I'm making two batches, one in lemon and one in lime. I'll definitely post pictures and the recipe!

I'm also going to bake my favorite spritz cookie and make all kinds of great shapes using my cookie press. Once they're cool I use royal icing to decorate them. I will share this recipe as well for you.

Candies will be made too, so don't despair!! I have chocolate peppermint truffles on the menu and also peppermint bark. Also hanging out in the freezer are several pounds of pecans just waiting to be made into cinnamon spiced nuts!

I promise to keep you guys updated on my adventures and make sure you get the recipes and pictures so that you can add them to your holiday baking menu if you desire! Or...make them all year round!