Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Complete Stream of Consciousness

Okay...so when I do daily things like take a shower or blow dry my hair - I tend to zone out and my thoughts wander randomly. I'm sure this shocks each and every one of you to think that I allow my thoughts to wander. Anyway....there was a blurb this morning on the news about how a local woman was shot and killed and she was a teacher in a local county's schools. I thought to myself, "Well, how horrible is that. Her family is distraught and imagine how the kids who admired her feel." That led me to thinking about teachers that had really made an impact in my life. I then thought of this particular teacher that my brother really loved, Mr. Ferry. I remembered seeing Mr. Ferry working at the local department store during the summer and during holidays to make ends meet. I thought, "Ya know, it's got to be hard as a teacher to have to supplement your income with part-time work that way." I then thought about how peculiar it was that my brother decided to name his stuffed bear (for you kids of the '80s it was a Pot Belly Bear - and my brother somehow forgot him in a hotel room in Georgia on a trip to Florida one year.) Mr. Ferry - but eh, whatever he's my weirdo little brother. And it was rather peculiar that the bear was potbellied and so was Mr. Ferry. I then thought, "Ya know....Mr. Ferry was this late 30's guy who was single and taught 2nd grade and was kinda creepy now that I think about it." I then unearth from somewhere in the recessess of my brain a tidbit from the local paper where Mr. Ferry had been arrested years ago on some kind of public indecency charge.

Strange how the brain works, eh?


The other day I went to my local camera store to pick up the enlargement I had made of the picture above. I had this made into an 11x14 picture and then picked up a double matted 16x20 frame to put it in. I just can't believe how incredible it looks. I am tempted to start selling my photos. Do any of you guys buy photos online, from Etsy or other places? Would you be interested in any of my photos that I've showcased through my blog or you've seen on my Flicker page? Feel free to email me directly with your feedback...and please be honest. I'm not sure if my stuff is worth me investing in all the equipment - Shooter seems to think so but I'm pretty sure he's biased. ;-)


Oh...I found out yesterday that I might be picking up a few more peeps in the $50 per person picture taking adventure. Turns out the regular guy really screwed up yesterday and didn't do what they needed/wanted. hehe....I can't tell you how much I'd love to have that as a regular gig.


Also, my coolest friend Di is going to be opening up her own Etsy shop for her new venture called To Di For Designs. She's making one of a kind beaded necklaces and bracelets. They're gorgeous!!!! Make sure you keep up with her - her blog link is over on my blogroll - and go visit her shop once she gets it up and running.





countrymouse said...

love the way your mind works...what does it say about me that i find that train of thought to be completely logical? makes perfect sense.

its weird how some kids get really attached to teachers...my husband (i like saying that!) ia a teacher..and kids from his old school are constantly emailing him, or trying to call his cell...we still dont know how they got his number...on the rare occasion that one of us answers they hang up. Its usually girls so i think its the teacher crush thing...which is creepy in itself.

whoa i wrote a book...oops!

for a different kind of girl said...

It takes so long to dry my hair, that I'll admit my mind tends to wander the most during the day while doing the very same thing. It can go all over the place, and completely off the charts!

That's a great photo. I took so many pictures last year, and so far this year, I've taken very few. I need to change that, and let my mind wander while doing that!

whitney said...

I think I'm biased too... but I love your pictures. Your mind works like mine... creepy. or maybe we're just so right brained that it's ... creepy still.

When are you coming to visit me?

dlyn said...

I'm always so glad that no one can read my so called mind - it would not be a good thing at all.

I love this photo. Am I missing the link to your flickr page? I would go see more. And I have bought photographs on etsy and other places as well, but I have to exert great self control or I would end up with no wall space at all.

Stacie said...

I like that picture too. Are we freinds on flickr? HMMM can you link it up?

tz said...

oh yeah, I so think you could sell your photos on etsy...or if you ever did a booth at a flea market or an art festival...

and if you do go on etsy....could we go back to some of our fave shots and request one????

I love how random thoughts go from one point to another....