Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday, Oh Sunday.....

My how the weekends fly. This weekend my parents came down to celebrate my birthday...a little early. It is always nice to have them in town and I always have fun with them. We had a great trip to IKEA where I bought a few really cool things for the house and found some bedside tables I fell in love with....unfortunately a lot of people like them and they were sold out...just my luck. ;-)

Mom always finds great things from Marshalls and she brought me several new items for the house and I loved all of them!


Several of you have asked about my Flicker page. Here is the address:

I do think that if I open an Etsy shop, I'd give you the opportunity to ask for specific pictures from my Flicker page. There's a convo option there that I think would work well for this.


My friend Di's Etsy shop is up and running for her To Di For Designs shop. She's got some awesome necklaces and matching bracelets for sale....and I took the pictures for her. hehehe

Do pay her a visit...


I watched the Golden Compass today....I thought it was a really good movie....however I HATED how it ended....I mean....don't leave me hanging like that. Ugh!!!!!

I also saw The Dark Knight with the parents and Shooter this weekend. Wow!! What an amazing movie. Heath Ledger was amazing in the role of the Joker. He's guaranteed the Oscar this year for that role and he deserves it. Honestly though, I felt like it was about 45 min too long. They so could have cut most all of the Harvey Dent villain part out and left that for another movie. My butt was so asleep by the time the movie was over.

------------------------------------------'s back to work tomorrow....hope you all are ready!!!



for a different kind of girl said...

Sounds like you did, indeed, had a lovely weekend. I completely agree with you about The Dark Knight. I understand why the character of Harvey Dent was so involved, but at the core, it felt like the movie had so much story already there to tell without him. Either way, I loved it, and would gladly spend my hard earned money to go again.

Happy early birthday wishes!

whitney said...

When's your birthday?

Golden Compass is the first of 3 stories... they left it hanging because that's how the actual BOOK ends :) They have two more... but I am not sure they'll make the movies. Go buy the book, it's thick and daunting, but worth the read, I think.

countrymouse said...

oh happy birthday!...whenever that is.

the link to flickr didn't work for me, but that could have just been me!