Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good news, ants and crabbity crab crab crap as I stated below, I made the leap and created an Etsy store. If you scroll down, some of my listings are showing in the column on the right. Tell everyone you know...I'd like to maybe sell one, or two things. No pressure or anything. ;-)


I really don't like bugs. I hate spiders. Water bugs freak me out. Slugs cause me to hyperventilate. Ants, ugh...ants cause me to break out in spontaneous itching all over my body. At the bus stop, we have a colony of ants who've moved in just a few steps from where we catch the bus. Their mound has grown every day for the last two weeks and nothing's been done. Ugh...I'm itching now just thinking about them!!!! It's just like when my Mom was telling me about a camping trip she and my Dad went on with some of our family and how everyone had all these little bitty ticks on them and they had to comb over every inch of their person with a find tooth comb and extract something like 20+ ticks from their bodies. NO NO NO!!!! I don't want to know that!!!! My scalp itched for two weeks and every time I had the slightest itch I feared the ticks had found me. Ugh!!!!!


Oh, and I just found out today that I could have been billing time for the Friday staff lunches we have in the office. That means I could have been billing 30 min every Friday for the past....ohhhh....9 months at least!!!!!!! And....I can't go back and bill it to make up....even though apparently every other admin was billing the time. Why, oh why, couldn't someone have told us that we could bill the time? Why wasn't an email sent indicating this? Grrrr.....hacks me off is what it does more than that....but I'm trying to keep this family friendly around here.


Later lovelies!

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