Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nothing like a little supervision!

This is where the dogs and I supervised the nursery re-do. We're very helpful and offer lots of decorating advice.

Side note - poor little Morey, the one laying down with floppy ears, was suffering from a "raging" (doctor's words) urinary tract infection in this photo and we didn't know it. Poor dude started peeing some blood late on Saturday and we took him to the vet immediately on Sunday. The doctor said she had never seen so many crystals in a dog's urine sample before. He's doing better now that he's been on his antibiotics and drinking lots of fluids (a mix of chicken broth and water...he's frickin' spoiled rotten).



April said...

Oh that poor sweet puppy! I'm glad he is feeling better. And you are doing just about as much work in the nursery re-do as I do. LOL

J and J Acres said...

Aww... poor little guy! On the positive side, chicken broth and water is probably a lot tastier than just plain ole water.

And it's a good thing you guys were there to offer Shooter your support- think of the craziness he could've done without you! :)

calicobebop said...

Oh yeah - I love the job of "supervisor." Hope your pup feels better soon!