Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The nursery - before

The nursery was previously Shooter's man cave. He reluctantly graciously offered up his room for Baby Parker. Here he is working on the last bits of wallpaper border remaining on the walls. There was a really bad nice mint green floral border that the previous owners had bequeathed us and unfortunately it had to go because it just didn't go with our nursery bedding.

This is the light fixture in the room, it's coming down and will be replaced by a nice new one from Lowe's!

Here's Shooter...preparing to get to work! He's getting some help from Big Ed. Oh...and a side story...if you are ever in the Knoxville/Oak Ridge, Tennessee area you HAVE to go to Big Ed's for some pizza. It's a local landmark and has been around for decades. My parents used to go there when they were in high school.

Here are the blank, drab, oh so minty fresh walls of the nursery before the wonderful, warm paint hit them. You can see that this room is BEGGING for a makeover!

I mean, look at that sad bamboo shade! Shooter had a sheet hanging from parachute cord to cover that window. We're so redneck. Oh...and see the magnanimous outlet on the wall? Yea, the previous owners had a super duper outlet put in so that they could put in a tanning bed. Yea........

Well, you've seen the nursery before....over the course of the next week or so I'll show you the transformation!


J and J Acres said...

Since you're pregnant does that mean that Shooter has to do all the painting and whatnot?

It looks like guys have a great room to work with, I can't wait to see what you do to it!

calicobebop said...

Wow, that's a good sized nursery! Plenty of room to grow! Can't wait to see the transformation!

Laura B. said...

Jen: Yup...I am not supposed to be around the paint funes so he did all the painting.

Calico: It is actually a good sized room. I never realized it was so big because Shooter had it filled with all kinds of stuff.


bekah said...

OOOh I cant wait for the afters!