Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Da Mess, Da Mess, Da Mess is Outta Control!

Okay...I can take disorder for only so long...thank God the end is near in the kitchen renovation. Currently, this is the state of my sunroom. It's not only housing our office stuff, but also our kitchen table, our storage hutch, all the contents of the hutch and a bookcase.

Oh room overfloweth....

Does anyone need some brass molds to hang on their wall?

What about some lovely canisters?

I'll be happy to ship them for free to a good home...hehehe....

God...grant me the serenity to outlast this remodel....the patience to understand it's short term...the courage to throw things away....and the wisdom to know the difference between junk and treasure.



calicobebop said...

Girl, I feel your pain. I have lived in perpetual mess since late January. Painting, new carpet, more painting, boxing stuff up... It never seems to end! But, I'm told that one day my life will get back to normal - and now I pass that consolation onto you. :)

April said...

Looks kinda like MY house right now! LOL