Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday morning catch up!

Wow....what a weekend! Unfortunately I have no pictures of the goings on at our house but let me tell you , we've been busy bees. Well....Shooter has been a busy bee! ;-)

Saturday I had a hair appointment so I ran out of the house around 10:30am. Shooter was all ready for a morning of tearing down wallpaper. Let me tell you - we've learned our lesson with using a remover other than DIF. We used this stuff called Piranaha from Lowe's and it sooooooo wasn't worth it. Shooter got the wallpaper down but not without much cursing and gnashing of teeth.

I got home from getting my hairs did around 12:30pm and out we went to run some errands. We went to Lowe's and picked up some more Kilz to prime the kitchen and then grabbed some lunch and then went to Sherwin Williams to get a gallon of our paint. While there we bought our DIF - determined to make getting the wallpaper down a better experience.

I helped Shooter get the remnants of the wallpaper down in the breakfast area and then he went to work priming it. Can I just tell you how nasty Kilz smells? Ugh!!! I holed myself up in the bedroom and watched TV, and napped, and read with the pups.

It didn't take him long to prime everything so then we were off to grab a bite of dinner...ahhh...Mexican!!!! We have a couple of favorite Mexican spots and the one we went to on Saturday has the most amazing dish called Sal's Special. It's strips of chicken simmered in this cheesy, sour creamy sauce with jalepenos cut up in it. It's kinda spicy but not too spicy. They serve it with rice and tortillas and it makes my heart sing!!!! Anyway, Parker had been really quiet and then as soon as I got halfway through my meal he starts kicking away. I took that as a sign that he likes Mexican food. ;-)

On Sunday Shooter got back to work and put a coat of paint on the walls in the kitchen's breakfast area. At first I was afraid it was going to be too light but it started darkening up as it dried and it looks pretty awesome! Shooter gets off work early all this week so he can do painting before I come home which will be nice. When I get home today he should have the ceiling cut in and another coat of paint on the walls. Yippee!!!!!!!

Oh...we also got new blinds up in the Mini Man-Cave and they're beautiful. We are opting for these blinds from Lowe's that are faux wood plantation blinds. They're 2 inch slats and are just so nice!! I think I'm going to replace the blinds in the kitchen with them and ideally we'd like to put them in the sunroom too....but at $28 per window, that's a little steep - we have 6 windows in the sunroom!!! We'll definitely do the kitchen and then work on the sunroom when we get some extra cash....whenever that might be.

I'll try to take some pictures of everything tonight and post them tomorrow.

Take care!!!


J and J Acres said...

I like the wood blind look. Very cool.

April said...

You guys have been BUSY!! Can't wait to see pics of it all! I JUST told Daryl this weekend I wanted pretty wood blinds for the baby's room. I might have to check out the faux wood from Lowe's now. ;-) Thanks for the tip!