Friday, March 13, 2009

The nursery (aka Mini Man-Cave) - during (Part II)

Well, the changes keep coming to the Mini Man-Cave! Soon it's going to look like a bonafide nursery, ahem, man-cave suitable for the little mini-Shooter on the way!

Remember that light fixture? Here's the new one that we put up (Thanks Baty!):

We're going to set the changing table/dresser against that far wall.

I have a really nice open bookcase picked out that I want to put along this wall. It's big enough to put baskets on the bottom shelf to store things and also store Parker's books and other odds and binkies and such.

I think we've decided that the glider will go in this area. See that dresser, I'm hoping that it'll fit perfectly into the back of the closet so that I can use it for hidden storage. :-)

We're going to set the crib up in this area. Very likely crosswise in this corner. I can't wait to see how it looks in there!

Not sure what we'll do here in this area....I'm thinking I may take the quilt that comes with his bedding set and use it as a wall hanging...this would be a pretty good place for it. you can see, the progress keeps moving along!


J and J Acres said...

You guys are making great progress! It's amazing how my different the room looks just by painting the walls!

I like the new light fixture, very neat!

Kelwynne said...

You could put a rocking chair in that one corner. Whole nursery looks great! I am so excited for you! :o)

My poor son was supposed to be a girl and had a very pretty pink nursery. He's 16 in a week. I am going to post pics on my blog next week.

April said...

It's coming along so great! Can't wait to see the finished product~ ;-)

Anne said...

Just came across your blog and thought I'd leave a comment. Congrats on your up coming addition to your family. Your post reminded me of my daughter who's expecting a baby boy in 9 weeks and she is still painting the nursery. She better get a move on it. That's nice that your getting your baby's nursery done ahead of time.