Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nesting - I think it's officially happening to us!

Okay....we've just finished updating/painting/furnishing/etc. the nursery. Actually, it's not even really finished yet as we haven't had any showers yet and I still have other whatnots I want to buy - a bookcase and various shelves and stuff.

Several weeks ago when our new fridge was delivered I tore off the wallpaper behind the fridge and it came off so easily. Shooter and I had been talking about re-doing the kitchen for a while but we didn't think we'd get to it before the baby came. Well, we managed to get through the nursery re-do ahead of schedule so we figured that we'd hop right on the kitchen re-do while we were at it.

I saw an opportunity last week as I was looking at the wallpaper and saw a seam coming apart. This time I grabbed hold and started ripping. It came off in this huge sheet...glue backing and all. That evening we got what remained of the glue backing off really quickly. I think the wall took all of 15 minutes to do.

Shooter stopped by Sherwin Williams to get me two sample paint colors and now we just have to figure out what color we want to do!

If you're interested, we've decided to go with Atmospheric from Sherwin Williams. It's a gorgeous light blue color that will change the look of the kitchen dramatically. I cannot wait to get this project finished either!



for a different kind of girl said...

Ha! Don't you wish (even a little bit!) that you'd started this project long ago when the first wall of wallpaper came down so easily?! It was like it was just waiting for you! I bet it will look fantastic when it's all done!

PixieDust said...

The colour sound beautiful! I would love to paint some walls in my flat but we are still renting at the moment and can't do anything... *sigh*