Saturday, February 28, 2009

Is this really happening?

I have to say that I was beyond scared about our ultrasound this week. I was beyond excited but also scared about what they might find....or rather not find.

I have followed blogs of other pregnancy mommies who have found out that their children are stricken with some horrific condition that makes them unsuitable for life outside the womb or will have some lifelong disability. I admit, I was scared that I would be one of those mommies.

I had a lot of risk factors stacked up against me. My weight....the medication that I decided I would keep taking because it was better for me to be on it than to come off of it. I know the doctor said that I wasn't at any higher risk for birth defects than an unmedicated woman my age but it still lingered in the back of my mind.

I carefully watched the doctor's face. She gave NOTHING away!! But I paid extra close attention to everything she and the tech said. "There's the stomach....looks good." "There are the kidneys....function looks good." "Let's measure his head...good." "Here's his arm, let's measure from wrist to elbow...good." "Here's his leg, we're measuring the humerus now...good." "There's one the other...and there's a hand....and the other." "Ahh...there's the heart now..." They paid extra close attention to the heart...taking several looks at it from several directions. I finally said, "Wait...I think I see the four chambers, is that right?" The doctor nods but says nothing. We finally got a shot of him from the front but his head is down and we can't see him too awfully well. Also, we couldn't get a good profile shot of him so back I go in 4 weeks for a few additional peeks at him.

I can only say that I am ecastatic that all looks good with the baby. It's literally like a weight was lifted and taken away - a weight that I didn't even really realize was bogging me down.

My baby is healthy. I am healthy. Shooter is healthy. Right now life can not get any better.


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Vanessa said...

Glad things are progressing well. Congrats on all the great health!