Monday, February 9, 2009

But I don't wanna go shopping!!!!

I don't know that I've ever uttered those words in my entire life....I don't want to go shopping. Nope...never crossed these lips before! I love to shop. I have always loved to shop.

Until now.....

Because now I'm buying clothes for a cycle of life where I will only wear them for a few short months. Because now I can't find the clothes I like on sale anymore. Because I can't find the clothes I like in my size.

I had a brief meltdown yesterday when I discovered that NONE of my adorable capri pants from last spring/summer fit. Not even with the Bella Bands I have. Nope...because apparently my butt is spreading out as well as my belly growing out. FUN TIMES!

Let's just say that at the 5 month point - I just feel fat and bloated and ugh! I'm at that lovely point where emotions meet hormones and create thunderstorms of tears of the likes no one has ever seen. I'm at the point where if my schedule gets out of whack just a little bit, it causes me pain.

Not even a trip to JCPenney online to buy 3 pairs of pants assauged my angst. Mainly cause I don't even really like the pants....they just happened to be capris and have the ability to expand with my mutant I bought them.

Just wait...I'm sure tomorrow will turn into a "I love being pregnant" day....hehe...




calicobebop said...

I hear ya - those hormones can kick a girl's butt!

the cubicle's backporch said...

Oh man- this reminds me of a little 'breakdown' my sister had after she had her son. Her and her boyfriend were gonna take me out for my birthday, then she found out that none of her old clothes fit. So, she did the "I'M SO FAT" wailing and crying. Her boyfriend and I exchanged looks and took turns saying "No, you're not... look at your beautiful son!"

It ended when I told her she could borrow some of my clothes. (My size 9s fit her fine)

So you just need someone who is bigger than you are even though you're pregnant to borrow clothes from. I guess that makes it better. :)