Monday, February 2, 2009

I can only shake my head....

Okay...I have been pondering over the last several days the situation of the Mom in California who gave birth to the octuplets. One thing that stood out to me was that there was never any mention of a father. Only the Mom.

Then I started to read news stories mentioning parents. Interesting...

Then the big news hit....she already had 6 children. Still no mention of a now I'm starting to think something fishy is going on.

Now, The Associated Press is out with this article where we find out a little more about this Mom of octuplets. She has apparently conceived ALL of her children through fertility treatments. There is no father...there is no husband....there's not even an EX-husband. There's an ex-BOYFRIEND who she broke up with before her first child was born. She is apparently unemployed and living with her parents. Her family is from Iraq and from a report I heard on the radio this morning, her father is going back there to earn money for them as he lost his job here.

Now...I could go on and on about this woman and her 14 children and how I'll be helping to pay for their welfare for decades to come...but honestly that's not the reason I'm so friggin' upset about this.

What fertility doctor would agree to put a woman through fertility treatments when she already has 6 children, no father and no job? I know there are all kinds of privacy reasons that can be brought up - but seriously!!!! This woman had no business having even one more child!

I certainly hope that the State of California takes a hard look at this case. It should be grounds to pull this doctor's license. It should be grounds to have all 8 of these babies taken away and given to families where they can grow up with the attention they deserve and every thing they could want.

I know this is a view that comes from behind rose-colored glasses. I know that this world isn't perfect and that children are abused and neglected every day - but you have to start somewhere , right?


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the cubicle's backporch said...

Oh man, this really burns me up. For the reason you listed, AND for the reason that she's all "Oprah and media outlets will have to pay me 2 million to get me to talk to help me take care of my kids." WTF? Why are you having kids if you can't afford them?!?!

I think she wants to be like Jon and Kate Plus 8, but I actually respect them b/c they have JOBS and they were only trying for ONE. Ugh. Stupid doctors and stupid girl.