Friday, February 22, 2008

Overheard in my house.....

I was on the phone with my Mom tonight and here's a snippet of our conversation:

Mom: "So, when you cook with liquor, the alcohol cooks out, right?"

Me: "Yup, just leaves flavor with no alcohol. What ya making?"

Mom: "Your dad came home with a recipe for tequila enchilada chicken. I thought it sounded good but didn't want us getting all tipsy from it."

Me: "Mom...there's no way."

Mom: "I guess I'll have to get your Dad to go into the liquor store and get me some tequila."

Me: "Why? Can't you go in and get yourself some?"

Mom: "Lord, no! I haven't ever been in a liquor store before. I wouldn't know what to do. Besides, what if the Lord came and I was buying tequila. I'd have to stand before the Lord in heaven with a tequila bottle in my hand. And how would that look?"

Me: "Mom, seriously, you're kidding right?"

Mom: "No! You know that's the way I was raised. And you were raised that way too. Remember, better never do anything that you'd be ashamed of if the Lord came back."

Me: "Oh yea, the mantra that kept me out of SO MUCH trouble as a kid."

Mom: "Well, it worked on me. You know, I could go next door and ask for some tequila...I bet they have some!!! hahahhaa!!!" (inside joke here that I can't share)

Me: "Yea! It'd be like asking for sugar. 'So, how about letting me borrow a cup of tequila...I'm sure you have plenty!!' hahaha!!"

Mom: "Oh well...guess we'll go to the Home and Garden show and then hit the liquor store on the way home. I'm making the chicken next week, I'll let you know how it turns out."

Me: "Okay, thanks Mom! By the way...I wouldn't ask the neighbor for tequila...they might shoot you."

Mom: "Yea, the thought had crossed my mind."


Vanessa said...

Too funny! Your mom sounds pretty cool!

Laura B. said...

My Mom's a hoot! She's so funny, and doesn't mean to be half the time.

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

I kid you not, when Big Daddy and I were getting ready for bed last night I was walking around with nothing but my black socks on and I said, "I hope Jesus doesn't come right now...I would be embarrassed." Then Big Daddy laughed and said, "I hope he does come then!"

I am so glad that we are not the only people who are worried about what shameful thing we might be doing on the day of the rapture.

I loved your conversation. I can relate to it on soooo many levels!

tz said...

that was pretty funny, and loved the picture of the eclipse

dlyn said...

Oh Laura, what a great post! My MIL is a strict Baptist, but she read someplace that putting out trays of beer would kill slugs. She asked me if I thought my husband would "mind" going to the store to get her some. I just went to my own supply of "slug killer" and gave her a bottle. I bet I would love your Mom!

for a different kind of girl said...

The first time I got wind of this Rapture thing, I think I *wished* I had some tequila to wash that idea down!

Country Girl said...

Oh, this is a funny post! Your blog background is pretty trippy, too.