Sunday, February 24, 2008

We dodged the BIG D bullet again!!

Whew....we managed to avoid the BIG D bullet today. BIG D as in DIVORCE. We figure anytime we manage a major purchase/major home project/major life change and we don't get divorced we're doing good.

Today we went and got Shooter his "big ass" TV that he's been lusting after. Let's just say it's changed our lives....well, it did after we managed to remove it from the backseat of our car. Yup, the oh so helpful Best Buy associate managed to wedge the HUGE box into the backseat of our car...and let's just say that it was harder to get out than getting it in. We yelled, we cussed, we flailed and cried....then we managed to get the box out. Whew...without attorneys or papers being was amazing.

We even managed to get the darn thing in the house and set up without any further derogatory comments being made.

I immediately suggested that we should put 300 in the DVD player to test out the color, etc. You ladies KNOW why I wanted to put that DVD in on a 42" screen. Purrrrrrr.....Gerard Butler on a huge ass TV is LOVERLY!!!!!! I recommend it for all that ails you.


Vanessa said...

HOOOO LEEEEEEE CRAP! That is one big ass tv! I hope he's happy and I say you get to pick the next splurge type purchase, pick something good.

Excellent work avoiding the Big D.

Laura B. said...

Vanessa, the next big one will be mine....a Wii....IF I can ever find one. I'm about to the point where I'm going to order the big ass bundle on Just because I gotta have one. Now with this new TV it's a MUST!

Di said...

I hate it when they do that, their job is to get it IN they don't care how you get it OUT.