Thursday, February 14, 2008

Week of Quirks - Post IV

Quirky Confession #8 - I talk to my dogs like their humans. They talk back to me so I really don't know what the big deal is about it.

Quirky Confession #9 - I really don't like to watch other people eat. It's kinda gross really. I mean, who wants to watch someone take a bite of something and see stuff all over their face or strings of slobber hanging out. Gross...

Quirky Confession #10 - The more often you ask me, "Have you done this yet?" is directly proportionate to how slowly the task will get done.

Quirky Confession #11 - I will drive all the way across the city...about 25 miles...just to go to a Trader Joe's.

I was going to write another confession, but decided I wanted to leave you all hanging with an odd number today. Ha!

1 comment:

Dianne Marie said...

I talk to myself just to talk to myself...loudly !

Does that mean we can't eat together anymore becasue I creep you out hahaha