Sunday, February 10, 2008

A movie I wish I'd never seen

Hi all! Happy Sunday to you!

I survived the night, Morey didn't asphyxiate us - thank the Lord! We're still a little disgusted at him, and he can't seem to understand how and/or why those smells/noises are coming from his butt. Shooter and I went to see a movie this afternoon. We had both wanted to go see Untraceable for a few weeks and finally got there. Let me just say this....I didn't like it at all. I hated the way it ended and I truly wished I'd walked out in the beginning when I first got grossed out by it. Actually, I don't even think it was necessarily being grossed out - I was just really, really disturbed by the topic and shocked at the images they chose to show. I haven't hated a movie this bad since I saw Knocked Up. a little side story. We almost didn't get to the movie because I was completely worn out. I didn't sleep well because I'm coughing quite a bit and pretty congested. We got up and went on to the early service at church (9am) and then we were on the schedule to teach the 4 year olds in our church pre-school. This was the first time we'd taught that time slot since we cancelled out Saturday night service and went to three Sunday morning services. We had TWENTY SIX THREE AND FOUR YEAR OLD CHILDREN RUNNING LIKE WILD INDIANS!!!!!!! 26 wild and crazy heathen children. Okay not really - only a few resemble demon spawn....okaaaaay....they're all precious little angels. Who am I kidding...they wiped me out. Shooter is supposed to be my "Enforcer" and I turned around at one point and he's no where to be found. He's somewhere and I have 15 4 year olds all yelling at me and all wanting the one yellow crayon we have in the box and angry I threw away their Goldfish crackers cause they weren't finished with snack yet and one girl doing the pee-pee dance cause she's gotta go potty. My nose is running and I'm coughing and the parents are coming to get the kids and we're not done with the craft yet and I'm sweating and about to cry and a moment away from running out the door and screaming that I don't care who takes what kid, just get me outta here. All that to say that I just couldn't say a word on the way home. Shooter tried talking to me and I felt like I was in shock. I felt like I'd just been through a war. I told Shooter he better never leave me alone in the room again - I told him that I was only minutes away from being tied up with pipe cleaners and left tied in the corner while the kids ran amok. But I really love the kids, I do. They're awesome and I love teaching them. I just don't like trying to teach 15 of them when they're all hell-bent on talking to me at the same time about how their baby brother fell and skinned his knee and then cried so hard he shot snot out his nose.


silivrentoliel said...

Max's gas is by far worse than Morey's... you should meet him... he is quite a stinker.

As for the 4 year olds LOL I don't blame you for freaking out! I try not to work with more than 5 kids at a time :)

Glad you survived.

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

Ohhhhh, this post brought back memories of working in the children's program in our old church. Big Daddy was my help mate...or at least was supposed to be. He would often fall asleep and I would have to lie (in church) and say he was really praying. I can't imagine 24 4 and 5 year old. You earn an extra jewel in your crown today!