Friday, February 15, 2008

Wanna know how to annoy me?

As we're all cramped in the bus, making our way into town in the morning traffic - go ahead and crank that seat so far back that I think you're going to end up in my lap. Don't worry about my knees...they're numb now, along with my legs. Sure...sit there like you don't hear my sighs of frustration. Pretend you don't notice me clearing my throat in an attempt to shake you from your self-absorbent world of commuter torment. Then it hits me...I will resort to childish measures. Feel that bump, bump, bumping on the back of your's not me I swear. You can sigh all you want...and shoot looks over your shoulder....and clear your throat - it won't stop me from bouncing my knee against the back of your far too reclined seat. And perhaps the next time you shoot me a look over your'll see my tongue stuck out at you in complete child-like rebellion.

TGIF everyone!!!


Kelly said...

Love the new look!

Vanessa said...

Or perhaps you sneeze at that precise moment? Or maybe cough? ;)

amanda said...

haha! I love sticking my tongue out at people. Not to be cute either, just to be rude. I should stop. I love the new look!