Sunday, February 17, 2008

The one thing I've bought that my husband hasn't argued with me about

hehehehe....and the longest title of a post in history!

Anyway...Shooter and I haven't been sleeping all that great lately. Since we just bought a new, and might I say amazingly awesome, mattress last year we decided that it had to be the crappy, cheapo pillows we were sleeping on. So, we take ourselves and our cricked necks and crabby attitudes and walked into Bed Bath and Beyond prepared to be confused and stymied regarding a pillow purchase. I mean, seriously, who really puts a lot of thought into the pillow they purchase? Well, apparently, according to the ADHD but oh so helpful Associate, you really should consider your pillow purchases. She talked us through all the different kinds of pillows and let me tell you, she was really excited about pillows. Well...after about 15 minutes we walked out with $150 in new down pillows.

Well, after our first night on our brand new, expensive, supposedly fabulous pillows....we do agree....they are FABULOUS!!!!!!!

Who knew that side sleepers (Shooter) needed a different kind of pillow and stomach sleepers (me) need something else.

Well, the best thing in my opinion is that Shooter hates my pillow and I can't stand his. No chance we'll end up with each other's pillow!!! :-)

I would urge everyone to explore the right kind of pillow for you. Down pillows are an upfront expense however you can have them laundered and with pillow protectors, they'll last a very long time.

I must that they uber excited sales associate at Bed Bath and Beyond and that her passion for pillows has really made a difference for us.


silivrentoliel said...

I knew different sleeper positions needed different pillows- but I blame that on Sears. What kind of mattress do y'all have? We need a new one- bigger because w/ the dogs, there just isn't enough room.

How many pillows did you get for $150?

Laura B. said...

Yo, Whit! We got two Queen sized pillows and two pillow covers for $150.

We have some kind of Simmons Beautyrest mattress. It's a king sized pillow top. That's about as specific as I can get honestly.

We had to go bigger because of the dogs too. Honestly, we have no more space than before - they now have more room to stretch out. Go figure.

Vanessa said...

We use different color pillow cases. Mine are purple. His are whatever he wants except purple. No confusion. Ever!