Thursday, February 28, 2008

Updates and schtuff

Wow...the last few days have been a blur and I have been remiss in posting here on my blog.

Monday - I arrive home from work to find a package on the dining room table. Shooter says, what's this? I looked at it and screamed, "COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" My fabulous blog friend Vanessa tagged me with a pass it on meme and sent me a wonderful box of peanut butter cookies. They're soooooo tasty....and no, I'm not sharing!

In Morey news:
Antibiotics - $145
Blood work - $130
Fluids - $100
Pain meds - $50
Anti vomit meds - $25
Getting my Morey boy all better - Priceless!!!!!

It has been a long couple of days getting Morey over the hump but he's doing much better. He's taking a really strong antibiotic that is prescribed primarily to pups with pancreatitis. He's going to be on it for something like a we're hoping that this new antibiotic will do the trick and knock out whatever it is that keeps hanging on and making him sick. I am starting to knit him a little leg warmer as he had to have his leg shaved so they could give him fluids. I so have to take a picture of him for you's so sad!

Also, apparently I'm a bit psychic as I completely predicted the outcome of my scheduled visit from the cable guy. I stayed home on Tuesday....partially because of Morey getting better and partially because we had an appointment with the cable guy. Well....3pm comes and goes....and 4pm comes and goes....and 5pm comes and goes. Shooter's home at 5pm and he calls them, they say well, he's probably delayed - don't worry about it. Well, 5:45 comes and Shooter calls them again. This time the lovely customer service rep issues us a $20 credit on our bill and offers to call dispatch to see where the technician is. She calls us back 5 min later and explains that there will be no technician coming to the house as there are no cable boxes available at this time. Shooter has to go to the other side of the house, to his man-cave, to finish the conversation because I'm ranting and raving and screaming and yelling and throwing pillows and he can't hear. They agreed to credit us another $50 and put us on a high priority list for the cable box. What an utter joke. I hate the cable company...hate them with every ounce of energy I can muster.

Oh...and another rant....I ordered new specs last week. I was happily notified that they had arrived and I went to pick them up Tuesday evening. Well, the lady working was not helpful at all and when I told her the frames were obviously very crooked she just looked at me. I was all like, see, I can tell they're crooked can't you see it? We went back and forth with her heating them up and bending them and all this mess. After 15 min I'm all like, forget it....and she looks at me and says, "Well, ma'am, the frames are straight, we can't help you if your ears are straight." I was moments away from jumping over the counter when I gained control of myself and just walked out. I called back yesterday to find out I had dealt with the manager of all people!!!! I went back last night and talked to the lady I'd ordered the frames from and she told me that they are messed up, that they were bent improperly when they put the lenses in. They're rush ordering me a new pair. *sigh*

With all this crap going on...I just couldn't pull myself together enough post anything....but now I have it all off my chest....perhaps I'll come up with something charming for later today! :-)


tz said...

totally love rants! they make me feel I'm not alone in the world of complaining!

And you have had some sorry customer service lately and should beable to vent!

hope it gets better soon.

Di said...

DUDE!!! Wow, that's sucks, I was wondering about HD TV and all, I still vote for a dish.

=( I want a cookie ....did you make the ones we got at Trader Joe's yet?

Figures that was the manager- hurmph!

Kelly said...

Glad to hear about Morey getting better. Sorry about the bad customer service. Have you ever thought of getting DISH?

Laura B. said...

Oh, believe me - we've thought about the's just not any cheaper to go with it. We'd have to un-bundle our cable and internet which would increase the amount we pay for the internet tremendously. It just makes me so mad because we don't really have any other good options. Eh, it is what it is.... :-)

Vanessa said...

I love rants too! I am so glad Morey is getting better. Glad the cookies were a hit. And the cable guy? Evil! Pure Evil that company is....