Sunday, February 17, 2008

Overheard in the house....

This conversation was overheard in our home.

Me: "Honey, you awake"

Shooter: "Yes"

Me: "Ugh...I'm awake."

Shooter: "Why?!?! It's like 2 in the morning."

Me: "Honey, it's 5:30"

Shooter: "Hmm. Okay. Go back to sleep. I love these pillows."

Me: "Okay...we going to the 2nd service this morning then?"

Shooter: "Yea, whatever."

Me: "I'm cold, maybe I should get up and turn the heat up."

Shooter: "Yea, whatever."

Me: "Wait...when you came to bed, did you turn off the ceiling fan?"

Shooter: "I don't know. I don't think so."

Me: "Well, that's probably why I'm cold. Would you get up and turn it off?"

Shooter: "No."

Me: "Fine...I'll just snuggle up with the dogs and get warm."

Shooter: "Is that your foot?"

Me: "No."

Shooter: "OH NO! I just kicked Leah (our female schnauzer) in the head."

Me: " you were going to kick me in the foot?"

Shooter: "Well, no, well, okay, yes. Can we just go back to sleep?"

Me: "Okay...but you better apologize to Leah for kicking her in the head."

Shooter: "Yea, whatever."


silivrentoliel said...

how RUDE! He outta know better than to kick Leah in the head... although I've kicked the cat off the bed before.

how come I'm not in your favorites!? I'm your adorable "cuz"

Vanessa said...

BAD SHOOTER! OMG! If that happened to one of my terrorists and no one apologized? Can you say couch? And leave the blankets here. With me. In bed.