Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Week of Quirks - Post III

Quirky Confession #5 - I always do my morning tasks in the same order. If I don't, I do things like lock myself out of the house.

Quirky Confession #6 - I am usually in bed by 9:30pm during the week. It's because crazy Shooter has to get up at like the butt crack of dawn to go to work. No kidding! He gets to work at 5am...ugh....but I do know now that if I miss TMZ the night before, I can catch it at 4:30am. That makes me happy....not....

Quirky Confession #7 - I couldn't pronounce the word walrus until I was in middle school. I still have a hard time with it...generally I pretend the weird beasts don't exist...makes my life easier. Also, I have to mentally check myself before I say the word orchestra. I learned to spell it in elementary school by saying it or-CHEST-ra.

More to come!!!!


melissious said...

ha ha ha, funny as usual around here. Thanks for tagging me! I JUST got around to doing the quirky confessions... okay, I lie, I got around to making my BF to do them for me. :)

Kelly said...

I am with ya on #7. I still have to say to-get-her in order to spell together.

I'm going to do my list soon...I promise.