Thursday, January 3, 2008

The party is over....


I sit at home, with my pups, wallowing in a mountain of self pity and laundry. Today is my last day of vacation. I go back t owork tomorrow. I have been on vacation since December 20th. That's two whole weeks. It makes it VERY difficult to think of going back to the office. However, should anyone come and try to take me away earlier than scheduled, I have my watchdogs in place.

They'll eagerly jump on you and lick you to death if you try to come and take me away. I promise don't come if you're allergic to doggie slobber. Really, they're mean, very mean, they'll bite your toes off. Well, okay, maybe not...but they'll tear your socks off and run away with them.

They're really excellent watchdogs. Really, REALLY good....

Well, okay, I'm off to finish my laundry and somehow mentally prepare myself to be an adult and go back to work and earn an honest living. Who am I adult...pshaw!

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Sunshine0269 said...

I always leavse you da comments. I be here !!!!