Thursday, January 10, 2008

No punishment is severe enough

Here in the North Georgia area we've been struggling to come to terms with the murder of a young woman by the name of Meredith Emerson. She was abducted from a trail in the Blood Mountain area, held for several days, and bludgeoned to death. She was then decapitated after her death. Area authorities have arrested a man they believe to be her killer, Gary Michael Hilton.

Hilton is also being sought after in the deaths of two North Carolina hikers, John and Irene Bryant (79 and 84 yrs old respectively). They went missing on October 20, 2007 - Irene was found bludgeoned to death and John's body has never been found.

Another death in Florida is possibly being linked to him as well.

If he committed these crimes, there is no punishment out there that is severe enough for him.

I struggle with how someone could be so disconnected emotionally to commit crimes such as murder. I cannot even begin to imagine what her family must be going through. I was talking about this with my podmate at work yesterday about this story and we were both amazed that Meredith's father had the self control to keep from physically harming Hilton when he appeared in court. I know the only time I ever saw my father scary-mad was when someone had hurt me. You don't mess with Daddy's girl. *smile*

I keep Meredith's family and friends in my prayers as I am sure they need God's peace and understanding now more than ever.

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