Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Elusive SnowSchnauzer

Yesterday, Atlanta was hit with another round of snow. I thought it would be a good time to go out and hunt for the elusive snow-schnauzer. We've heard such a beast exists, but alas have not been able to either find one or capture it on film.

Today, however, I was VERY lucky and photographed not only one but two of the elusive creatures! They blend in so well to their surroundings that I almost couldn't distinguish their figures.

See how well they are camouflaged. It is so easy to understand how they came by their name.

See, here I completely lost the subject, but luckily once I examined the photo was able to see the figure blending in so well with the habitat.

Ah, it sees me. After this photo my cover was blown and the creature retreated and hid until the next snow storm. Perhaps I will get lucky and capture it again on film.


Sunshine0269 said...

It drives me crazy when they shake the box, say what's inside (are right) and then open it.

*woosh* goes the surprise

Vanessa said...

This is adorable. The one with natural ears looks just like one of my mother's schnauzers. Both of mine are darker colored, one solid black and one is gray and black. Oh, how I love the miniature terrorists!