Saturday, January 12, 2008

Anatomy of a Schnauzer

Okay...more crazy pictures of my fabulous puppies....

We call Morey "Mr. Velvet Ears" because he has the softest, silkiest ears.

This is Morey's grows so funny. As his fur grows out, he gets this fan growing that makes him look like he's part retriever or something. Quite funny. About now he's also demanding a neatening of his sanitary cut...he's not one who appreciates the occasional dingleberry.

Ahhh...da nose....but whose nose is it?

Oh of the cutest things in the world....a schnauzer butt. I don't know why, but they are. This is Leah, and her funky tail. For some reason the groomers can't get her cooperation when it comes time to trim her tail, so they leave it. Sooooo...about a week or two after a grooming she has a tail that looks like she's growing an afro on her butt. The fur on her tail is still really wiry and coarse and just poofs right up. Personally I am enamored with the way their fur grows on their butts...those cute little curley cues...hehehe...

The ear....unlike her brother's ears, Leah's are cropped. We adopted her at the age of three so we didn't do that to her. Personally, I am a huge fan of the natural ear...we call them flops in our house. Morey ended up with the perfect floppy ears.

Leah's also a burrower. Must be the ratter instinct in her. She likes to sleep under the covers down by my feet, until she gets too hot and emerges around midnight panting so hard she wakes us up. This particular morning, I woke up and found her with her entire body under Shooter's pillows and laying on her back (as usual).


Vanessa said...

Mine like to lay on their backs too. I also really like it when they lay on their stomachs and kick their back legs out behind them. I call it Superman style.

Andrew said...

love it