Wednesday, January 23, 2008 new fave website! I've been looking for all kinds of interesting and unique pieces to add to my home. I stumbled across a website call Etsy a few weeks ago and have absolutely loved wandering around there. It's like a really good online flea market - only better, like a high brow craft fair.

There's artwork galore - originals and prints. I adore this print and think I will order it for the house. This one is by the same artist and it's vying for my attention too.

This is one of the coolest shops I found - Retired Records creates all kinds of cool things out of old vinyl LPs.

I'm also loving this shop. Crystal's Creations has some wonderful monogrammed coasters and some oh so cute reusable coffee sleeves.

Also, I know a few gals who're pregnant and these shops offer some items that would definitely make nice gifts for them: Easy Edges Studio and Sunny Stitches.

I hope you guys go check out Etsy and find something awesome!


silivrentoliel said...

they do have adorable stuff! i like the coffee holder thingy especially... :)


Sunshine0269 said...

what audition?

silivrentoliel said...

haha you left me comments! i got a 4th hole in my ear (i have one in my lip and eyebrow too)... and thanks about the hair! i like it too =D

dlyn said...

New to your blog and I love it. The snow dogs post is a hoot and thanks to you, I now have a lovely print of petals on it's way to me