Saturday, January 3, 2009

Whew - are the holidays really over?

Wow, I sit here on my couch on January 3rd and wonder where time has gone. I just realized that the last time I posted anything was one month ago on December 3rd.

Well, I am now almost 13 weeks pregnant and officially "out" to the world. I go on Tuesday for my perinatologist appoinment for the more involved ultrasound where they do measurements and such looking for possible defects such as Down's Syndrome or Spina Bifida. We're praying for a good appointment and that we will possibly find out whether we're having a boy or a girl. Well, we may not know for sure but we may come away with a good idea of the gender. :-) I am hoping that I am getting ready to turn the corner into the second trimester feeling pretty good.

Now that we're getting into the New Year we have to really start working on clearing out Shooter's man cave - yes, unfortunately he's having to give up the man cave so that the baby can have a room. He's actually being really good about it and has been working for weeks on clearing out all his shooting gear and consolidating all his stuff.

I did have an amazing appointment in December with a clinical psychiatrist and obstetrician (Dr. Newport at Emory University in Atlanta) in regards to my depression issues and current medication. (Refer to this post regarding my struggles: Luckily the news from the specialist was that we are no more at risk for birth defects than we would be if I were not on the medication. Also, he said that it would be better for me and the baby to stay on my current med than to come off or to switch meds. He also told me that there would be no problem with breastfeeding once the baby is born. Needless to say it was one of the most enlightening and uplifting doctor's appointments that I have had in a loooooooong time. I look back and now thank my OB for sending me over to see him.

One thing that I have been concerned about since finding out about this pregnancy is whether or not I will suffer post-partum depression. Dr. Newport told me that, unfortunately, I am 100% likely to suffer from PPD. At least we know this going in and can adjust medication appropriately so that I can be completely in the moment with my new baby once we come home.

Well, I can't wait to see what the next week brings!

Happy New Year everyone!!!


for a different kind of girl said...


OMG! I am so far behind in the blog world, but I'm so excited to come here and read your news!!! I'm thrilled for you two (two and a half!)!

Prayers for a great appointment!!

RAY4PREZ said...


The Founding Father said...

"Man Cave" was a term invented by the HGTV network. Find out the real deal at

Be A Man.

- The Founding Father

Nissa said...

Congrats!! I didn't know you were preggie!

I, too was worried about medication while pregnant. My psychiatrist & I decided being on my mood stabilizing medications was less risky to the baby than going off them.

I wish you the best of luck during your pregnancy. You have to take care of you in order to grow a healthy baby. Indulge yourself!