Friday, January 30, 2009

So what's the big secret? day several weeks ago, Shooter and I walk into the office of the other doctor (the perinatologist) who's watching over me during this pregnancy. I remember being so irritated that day...there was a lady in there with her husband and her best friend and her mother and they were so darned cheerful and talking up a storm. I remember being a bit stressed because Shooter and I were there for the first round of a prenatal scan to determine if we were looking at having a child with chromosome problems. I was anxious and not sure what to expect and those cheery people were not helping me goshdarnit!!!!

Anyway....we're escorted back to this HUGE room which is a combo exam room and ultrasound room. Definitely WAY bigger than anything at my regular OBs office and way swankier. ;-) Anywhoo...I am hop up on the table with a bladder more full than any pregnant woman has a right to have and wait for them to do their thing.

Luckily I'm finally at the point where they can do the belly ultrasounds and I don't have to get completely undressed.

Well, the tech gets the lil peanut up on the screen and starts laughing. Well, I can immediately tell that we're looking at the twerp head on and he's waving at us. I already know that this isn't good for the kind of measurements they need to take. We hang out a little longer and watch the baby move around and try coaxing it to move in other directions but it's not listening to us.

I should say here that this doctor's office has a separate monitor straight ahead of the table so that you don't have to twist your neck to look at the ultrasound monitor screen. It's VERRY nice....hehehe.

I have to now disrobe for the ultra weird "other kind"of ultrasound. The tech is so weird about it and tells me I have to do the "finding" myself. What is this...some kind of perverted sex show? Anyway....we get our cooperative patient up on the monitor again and it's moved...again. Now it's twisted it's torso so it's still looking at us. Whatever!!! I end up having to lift my butt up off the table and slam it back down trying to get the stubborn spawn to move. Finally it does and we get the two measurements we need. HOWEVER, the twerp won't move it's head the right way so that we could verify a nasal bone.

While we're waiting again, to see if it'll move, I ask the doctor, rather innocently, whether or not we could tell whether we were having a boy or a girl. She said that we might be able to, just depended on the baby. I said, "Heck, it's been so cooperative so far why not try!" She zooms in and immediately gets this funny expression on her face.

She says, "Hmmm...yup....(tilts her head to look at the screen) looks pretty obvious to me....that's a boy, folks!" She then looks at the tech....
Tech says, "Yup, no arguing with you there, doctor."
I say, "Well, it's early, I won't go decorating in blue just yet. hehehe"
Dr. then says, "Honey, I don't think that's going to fall off. I think you're having a boy."

To this annoucement, Shooter is dancing around the room - doing his "my swimmers are the most awesome swimmers on the planet" dance. It was so funny. He then calls his dad, while I'm still up on the table being probed, to tell him he's having a grandson. Talk about awkward! Geesh! now the secret is out....we're having a Lil Shooter!!!! ;-)



for a different kind of girl said...

Yeah! How fun! Of course I'm a little bit swayed, but boys are so fun, and whether they admit it or not, they're always good Mama's boys!

Glad everything is going well!

Vanessa said...

A boy! YAY! Congratulations!

bekah said...

aw!!! congrats!!

J and J Acres said...

Oh yeah! I totally guessed a boy! I love that she said "That's not gonna fall off!" hee hee. That's great.

Shawna said...

Hey there! Found you through the thread of bloggers who also check in on the WTE Boards. I just have to tell you that I was practically peeing my pants reading this post. Hysterical and well written! Looking forward to reading more. :-)