Thursday, January 15, 2009

Because I'm pregnant....

I was laughing with some folks today about how I can make all kinds of excuses because "I'm pregnant." For kicks and giggles I made a list of things that I can now say because "I'm pregnant...".

For instance:

"I'm going to complain about this bus driver because he never lowers the bus for us to exit. You know, I'm pregnant and I shouldn't have to worry about falling every time I get off the bus."

"I can finally use those parking spaces for expectant and young mothers, because, you know, I'm pregnant."

"Oh, yea it's me eating the soup you smell at 10:30 in the morning - I'm pregnant after all and I have to yield to my cravings!"

"Oh, that memo that was supposed to go out yesterday? I completely forgot! I'm pregnant after all and am fighting pregnancy brain drain! So sorry!"

"Oh, it's not you I'm mad at - it's just that I'm pregnant and ya know, the hormones and everything."


calicobebop said...

Oh yes, pregnancy is the best excuse ever invented.

The many, many, many bathroom breaks? Sorry! Pregnant!

Anonymous said...

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