Friday, June 13, 2008

Overheard on bus.... I arrive at the bus the morning and I am satisifed to say that I parked LEGALLY opposed to every other day this week where I had to park ILLEGALLY. I only got a legal spot because it seems that about 30% of the people who take the bus don't work on Fridays...and I despise them for that.

I boarded the bus and was glad to see that I didn't have to sit in front of "the two cattiest women on the face of the planet" to sit in my favorite seat. They were sitting across the aisle from me instead. I have to tell you...these women are incredible in their ability to pick apart anyone and everything. It's a true talent...or curse, some might say.

So, heere are these suburban housewives in their summery skirted outfits that were purchased in the grown-up Garanimals section and their tennis shoes leafing through the most recent In Style magazine. They're talking about how this celebrity "has a horse face" and how this celebrity "doesn't even look like herself anymore" and "look at her butt!!!" I just wanted to poke the one lady sitting on the aisle and say, "listen, you're certainly not all that and a bag of chips maybe you should just can it." BUT I didn't, I actually kept my mouth shut and kept reading my sleazy paperback.

It really reminded me of how catty I can be sometimes too....talking bad about others when I'm not that good doesn't make me look better, for sure.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend! I'm headed out from work early as we're closing down shop early and headed to a great tapas bar in town...for sangria and appetizers!!! Woot!! Sometimes I do love my job. ;-)


Julia said...

It's shows like TMZ that cause me to be that way too. Why do I watch that show religiously, I'll never know.

whitney said...

it's so fun to be catty tho... =P

for a different kind of girl said...

It's pretty amazing (or shocking?!) how easy it is to fall into that catty person. I try to fend it off when I feel it creeping up in me, but it's tough!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...


Okay.. I love cats.. but not catty people. :-)

Di said...

I don't consider me catty at all. I hat catty women.

I can, and often an, superficially judgemental about people I see on "the street" and what they are wearing, saying and so on.

If they don't hear you, if they don't know you and if they will never find that still a bad thing or is that just part of our human nature?