Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Father's Day - a bit belated

I have been trying to put this post together and it was a bit harder than the one I did for Mother's Day....not sure why.


Wow, what to say to the man who has been my rock and protector my whole life. You've always been the voice of reason to my emotional outbursts. The unflappable force when the storms came. I'll never know all the ways you sacrificed for us...and that's probably the way you want it. You're the strong and silent type who doesn't boast or's just what you do.

I've been reflecting back on my memories and I remember most the drives we used to take in the old Mustang. I remember that you'd let me sit in the front seat and shift gears for you. We'd be cruising along and you'd press in the clutch and tell me, "shift it now, Sis" and I'd take it from 1st to 2nd and so on.

I remember all the soccer and basketball games you attended. I remember how protective you were of me. I remember when I hurt my ankle so bad and the look in your eye. I also vividly remember the flash in your eyes when I was hurt playing basketball. I remember vowing that I never wanted to cross that side of you. I remember your only concern was whether I was okay when I had my bad car accident - and how you had to hold me back from the tongue lashing I wanted to give the stupid State Trooper when he said I was a "typically bad woman driver".

You always had the right words of advice for me. I remember going to college and you telling me that all you wanted from me was for me to do the best I could and for me to not have any regrets. Unfortunately I finished college with several...but if I didn't have any, I don't think I'd be human. Your philosophy of not having any regrets has stayed with me.

As an adult I know I've continued along a path that you set me on years ago. One that taught me respect and responsibility. You're always my sounding board and always give me the advice I need to hear and not what I want to hear. I've not always made the right choices, but I hope that I haven't made too many disappointing ones. The worst thing you could ever say to me is that you're disappointed in me. The couple of times you have said that, my heart crumbled and I would have rather been yelled at than to have endured that.

I love you, Daddy.

Your daughter,


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whitney said...

He's not only a great dad, but a SUPER uncle too :) You are one lucky lady =)