Monday, June 9, 2008

Coolest Pastor on Earth

I have to tell you guys about my Pastor....Pastor Ritchie Miller. Besides the fact that he's not your "typical" pastoral type, he's just plain cool. He has a desire to reach out to folks who aren't your typical church-going type. He's actually driven to be a whole lot like the best way. The way I see it, if Christ were on Earth today, he wouldn't be hanging out in the churches and cathedrals and such. He'd be hanging out in the bars and tattoo parlors and clubs trying to reach the people who really need to hear him. That's what Pastor Ritchie's goal is. I don't know that he really hangs in the bars, tattoo parlors and clubs - but I know that some of his congregation does. I know Pastor Ritchie has a deep calling to take light into the darkness and show the world that all Christians aren't the righteous, holier-than-thou Christians they think we are.

Friday morning, Pastor Ritchie was interviewed on The Giant Show on Project 9-6-1 here in Atlanta. Tomorrow, Pastor Ritchie will embark on a weeklong walk across Georgia...from South Carolina to Florida. He's raising money for his H.O.P.E ministry. It was an awesome interview and while he didn't "preach" to the guys on the show, he made a point. I have tried for days to figure out how to link to Ritchie's interview but I just can't make it happen.

Regardless, here's the first post from Pastor Ritchie's excursion across Georgia - hope ya'll enjoy - he's a riot.


whitney said...

ha! he sounds fun. :) "thank God for Metallica" lol

calicobebop said...

Thank God for Metallica! What a great guy - I hope he doesn't melt out there!

Jen @ The Cubicle's Backporch said...

I wish we could find a pastor like that! (Well, I guess in my case it would be a priest, but you get the point) I don't get a lot out of the 'holier than thou' type.