Thursday, June 19, 2008

What in the name of Pearl were they thinking!?!?!?!

I came across this article on the AP today and it just blew my mind...I am seriously scared for where our country's going to end up when the teenagers of today grow into adults.....

Massachusetts High School Faces Pregnancy Boom

A Massachusetts high school is facing a pregnancy boom with 17 girls entering summer vacation expecting babies in what some have called a pregnancy pact.

Officials at Gloucester High School in Gloucester, Mass., are investigating whether half of the teens made a pact to get pregnant during the school year, reported.

Officials said that beginning last fall a large group of girls started asking the school clinic for pregnancy tests, the site said.

"Some girls seemed more upset when they weren't pregnant than when they were," principal Joseph Sullivan told

The pregnancy rate at the 1,200-student school is four times higher than the previous year, and officials were shocked to learn that men in their 20s had fathered some of the babies, said.

"We found out one of the fathers is a 24-year-old homeless guy," Sullivan told

The Gloucester baby boom is forcing this city of 30,000 to grapple with the question of providing easier access to birth control, something this largely Catholic enclave is slow to embrace, the site said.

Nurse practitioner Kim Daly administered 150 pregnancy tests to students by May, prompting her and the clinic's medical director, Dr. Brian Orr, to lobby for the prescription of contraceptives regardless of parental consent.
That move drew the ire of Mayor Carolyn Kirk, whose public outcry against the pair led to their resignations last month.

"It is very clear that the board [at Northeast Health System of Beverly, which manages the clinic] is not in favor and will not support contraception in the school," Orr told the Boston Globe. "There is an epidemic of teen pregnancy at the school."

Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist and FOX News contributor, called the school's epidemic "shocking."

"But the other thing we should realize is that we are hot on the heels of [17-year-old] Jamie Lynn Spears deciding to start a family and of mass media embracing the notion and waiting with bated breath for her baby," he said.
Jamie Lynn gave birth to a baby girl on Thursday.

According to the latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the nation’s teen birth rate rose in 2006 for the first time in 14 years.

Ablow said the example in Massachusetts should be heeded as a warning.

"In a world that is so technologically based, there will be predictable push-back from young people," he said. "They want to remind themselves that they are alive and human. One of the ways people do this is that they reproduce."

Personally I don't understand Ablow's last comment....they want to remind themselves they're alive? and human? Excuse me...pinch yourself or something...go ride a rollercoaster or bungee jump...why go make a baby ?!?!?!?!


Vanessa said...

I do not understand this at all other than they were not taught to respect themselves or taught about long term goal setting. Very sad.

whitney said...

Yeah... see, when I need to be reminded of my humanity I drink scalding hot coffee... or get a tattoo...

Di said...


People are strange
when you're a stranger
Faces look ugly
when you're alone

whitney said...

off topic- where'd you get the recipe for that chicken pot pie we ate when we were at your house?

Bogart in P Towne said...

Well, maybe they are just trying to go back to the good-ol-days...when you got married at 12-15...just say'n.

Jen @ The Cubicle's Backporch said...

I've been hearing about this story for a week or so now. From what I heard, it's a very conservative town with a 'no birth control' policy. A girl who went to the same school said that most of the girls who were pregnant came from not-so-good family situations.

But why in the world would they choose pregnancy?!

tz said...

They should have a class...where these kids 1. spend a day on the OB ward where the birthing moms are NOT using pain meds 2. 1 week with a colicky baby (had two myself, but then I was 30) 3. then hang out a day with a 25 year old who has three little ones and a hubby who has walked out on her and now she's on food stamps...

then...4 hang out a week with a college grad, in her own apartment in a great job!

The Cooking Lady said...

When did it become cool to be pregnant out of wedlock?! Am I just too old to appreciate an old fashioned relationship?