Thursday, June 5, 2008

Isn't it Friday, yet?

This is what happens when bad things happen to good people.....bad things like your company makes you wear flippers and a mask and run with a glass of water on your head.


Yo, Yo! It's LoLo, ya'll!


I just have to say that I have the coolest and bestest blog readers (and commenters) on the whole planet!


In case you didn't know...when life's good, it's REAL good. Like, I won't have to wear flippers and a mask fully clothed any time soon kinda good.


Oh, and isn't life awesome when you find the perfect shade of eyeshadow? I went to Ulta yesterday with my fabulous friend Di and bought two new eyeshadows and two new eyeliners (because they were buy 2 get 2 free). :-D I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new purple shade, it's called Wildflower and it makes my eyes look so so green! I also got an eyeliner called Raisin and I love it too. They make the best stuff!

Happy Thursday everyone!


Vanessa said...

I too love Ulta! I've been searching for a purple-ish shadow and will have to check out Wildflower. Who comes up with these names by the way and why can't I have that job? Speaking of job, hopefully yours is finished with the flipper and mask stunts!

Di said...

Where did you find our photos?
WHY won't you be wearing flippers?

Lurve to you LoLo Frita, LoLo on the Down Low, L to the Lo...Lo

whitney said...

I want a close up of your face in this picture.... pleeeeease?????

for a different kind of girl said...

So cute! Hope you were having fun!

I've never been to Ulta, but I keep cutting out their coupons and plan to. I need some new fun colors!

Bogart in P Towne said...

That many thing racing through my mind...all of them having to do with Mermaids and Harry Potter. Why? I don't know. Makes no sense. So I will just say, Yahoo for Eye shadow...or something.

calicobebop said...

Ha! Hope you had fun! I must alone in this - but I've never heard of Ulta. :( What/where is it? Nothing beats getting new make-up!

hayden said...

HAHAHA, that's awesome!!!!!

Rebecca said...

Ah, that's silly...

And now it's Friday AGAIN! YAY!