Thursday, September 4, 2008

Overheard - in the middle of the night....

Two nights ago, at approximately 3:30am ET the following conversation took place:

Me: *wakes up a bit, wrinkles nose, determines one of the dogs farted, shakes head, goes back to sleep*
Shooter: *wakes up a bit, wrinkles nose* What the hell is that smell???
Me: Who? What? Fell? Who fell? Did you fall out of bed?
Shooter: Smell!! Smell that? What is that?
Me: Oh. I smelled it too. I think one of the dogs farted.
Shooter: Dude...that's no fart. That plain smells like ass.
Me: *lifts the covers to find Morey* Son of a.....I'm gonna kill that dog. *Spies a big pile of dog vomit on the sheet next to her*
Shooter: Ha! At least it's on your side this time.
Me: Yea, and he's lucky I didn't roll over - he'd be looking for another home. He's walking a thin line as it is.
Shooter: Here let me get you a towel.
Me: I have one right here...just waiting for the opportunity to mop up one of his stanky butt piles of vile vomit.
Shooter: Oh well...we needed to wash the sheets anyway...
Me: *rolls eyes* Whatever...get the comforter, I'm too tired to find another sheet.

I love my dogs....I really do.....if I keep repeating it I'll believe it.


Oh....and yesterday (while I was working from home) I rescued three kittens from my backyard. They're adorable and one is still at home with me. I kinda wanna keep it...but kinda don't. I haven't decided. Here are pics of them.

I have this little guy at home right now. He's so cute and such a snuggler...they all were actually. The dogs just don't know what to make of them being in the house though. It was a crazy day.

Later lovelies!



Bekah said...

ugh vomit. I cant handle vomit. If I have a kid and it vomits I dont know what I am going to do. Run maybe.

the kittens are so cute! I love kittens but they make me itch all sad.

jen @ the cubicle's backporch said...

hee hee. I hate waking up in the middle of the night and smelling something. Usually someone just put a nice, fresh turd on the floor, threw up, or farted. None of those are good!

But those kittens? So freakin' cute. Sometimes I hope that someone will drop kittens (or puppies! or goats! or sheep! or... well, you get the idea) off at our house, that way I could convince Mr. C that we should keep them. hee hee.

Di said...

Brian said he would take an Allie Cat but, obvioulsy with all that's going on we can't right now. Plus my dream the other night....not good.

Who's still at the house?

Dude, that blows (no punn intended). Ewe, so gross.I feel for you, been there before with with the feline variety haha.

Tara said...

Which kitty is still at the house? They are all so cute!

Laura B. said...

Bekah - Oh yea, was NAS-Teee....ugh!

Jen - Oh...they are too cute...I just don't know the first dadgum thing about cats, though!

Di and Tara - We still have the little grey one that's by himself in the corner of the group pic. He loves to sleep but is a loud talker when hungry or upset. ;-)

for a different kind of girl said...

Is it sad of me that I thought this was going to be a dog poop story and I was relieved to have it turn out to be dog vomit instead?!

Those blue eyes! Oh my gosh, I could not bear to look into them for I'd never want to leave!

Plunger Girl said...

This is so hilarious because I know EXACTLY what went on. J always says things like that--at least it's on your side. heheehhee

Those kittens are delicious! I'm in love with them!! What little should keep him!

Btw, did you say your anniversary was the 4th or near it? And your bday is close to mine too. That's weeeeeeeeird.

Stacie said...

PUKE about the dog puke. UGH.

That kitten IS cute!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh...they're so cute it almost makes me forget that cats jump on the kitchen counter thereby rubbing their groin all over it. ALMOST!

Vanessa said...

As someone who had the pleasure of waking up to big splashy noises of schnauzer vomit this morning, I feel your pain! What is it with schnauzers?

calicobebop said...

First - YUCK! Dog vomit! I frequently deal with cat yak but it doesn't smell like ass (thankfully!)

Second - sweet kitties! Must resist temptation to adopt cute cuddliness! Ahhhh!!!!

Anonymous said...

Waking up in dog vomit??!! Oh hellz no! And your awesome for saving those adorable kittens. Oh if I were close to you I'd steal one of those snugglers for myself. Cause obviously I love cats....