Friday, September 12, 2008

Did you say 15 Twinkies!?!?!?

I found a very interesting article online the other day. It's an article in Men's Health on the 20 most unhealthy drinks out there.

Let's just say that the top 5 all top 1,000 calories and the top 2 are over 2,000 calories. I had a terribly hard time picking my jaw up off the floor....


My first big event in my new role at work was Tuesday evening. I planned a dinner for 35 at a local upscale Mexican restaurant. The food was good, the service was reasonable, the restaurant was breathtaking - the Guacamole was TO DIE FOR!!!!! Somehow I have to figure out how to nicely render my constructive criticism to the events manager. There are several things that would have to change if I were to go back there again. I have to relay that kind of news. *sigh*


Work is hard right now....just lots of stuff going on and I'm having a hard time dealing with it. Hopefully it'll all right itself soon enough.


Can I tell ya just how much I miss my husband - I think we live in the same house but I'm not sure. I think we've spoken over the last few days, but again I'm not sure. We've both been running ragged at work and I'm ready to slow down a bit...I know he is too. Dear Shooter's employer...bring him back to EP so I can get my hubby back. Thanks!


Did anyone else have a hard time yesterday? It doesn't seem like 7 years have passed - my heart aches when I see the pictures and hear the stories.


Later lovelies!


Di said...

None of those drinks surprise me. I'mbad though (i.e. obsessive) and looka t nutritional infor BEFORE I goto a resturaunt. Bad Di (not Pad Thai).

Yeah, it's hard to belive that it's been 7 years already. I can remember the series of events as if it were just last week.

I'm ready for this week to be over, for my husband to catch up on his sleep so he's a normal human being. Even when you see them, somethimes they aren't themselves or it's like they aren't there at all. That's crappy too.

I think you did well this week, from what you said you heard...they think you did too. Be proud! Relay only the feedback you know they can change and be tell them the positive things you liked at the beginning. It helps to soften the blow lol.

the cubicle's backporch said...

1000 calorie drinks. Holy cow. I worry about the 300 calorie cokes!

I hate travelling b/c I'm away from Mr. C. He drives me crazy sometimes, but he's still nice to have around. :)

And seeing the images still makes me sad. It's crazy that it was 7 years ago, it seems like just yesterday.

calicobebop said...

Holy cow! I'm drinking water from here on out!

Hope you and your hubby get to spend some quality time together this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I can't even believe that 7 years have passed. It seems surreal.

2000 calorie drinks??? Wowzers.

I hope you get your hubby back soon. I feel like that sometimes when he is working his butt off. I miss him.

for a different kind of girl said...

That worst drink?! Wow! That's scary. To put on nearly a pound with something that takes so little time to consume!

I hear you on the two spouses passing thing. It's stressful, but the reunions are nice!

April said...

I'm too scared to look at the drinks to see if I've had any of them!!! LOL (lucky for me I only mostly drink water and sometimes coffee).

Hope you get to see your hubby SOON!