Saturday, September 27, 2008

Someone send relief now....Pepto might work....

Okay....It's 7:45am on a Saturday morning and instead of sleeping in my nice warm bed I'm up and awake and have been for almost an hour. I was rudely awakened from my delicious slumber by my husband and the tunes of the most handsome and virile Bono (yes, Vertigo is my phone ringtone). I truly wouldn't have minded being awakened by Bono singing in my ear....but I digress.

For some reason unknown to me, the city of Atlanta and all surrounding counties are being affected by a serious gas shortage. Luckily I haven't had to visit the gas station while things have been at their worst as I don't have to drive far to pick up the commuter bus that takes me into the city. Shooter, however, got up bright and spanking early to go to work and called me to notify me that the gas station about 1.5 miles from our house had just gotten in a new supply of petrol and I needed to slap on a baseball cap and a bra and head down there.

Well, that's the way to get me going in the morning! Talk to me like that more often and things will get steamy fast.

So I jump up....grab a ball cap, a bra, jeans, sweatshirt and flipflops and flounce my way down to the local gas station. Me and about half the town it seems. Actually it wasn't that bad...I had filled up both of my cars in about 25 min which isn't bad considering I had to drive, wait, fill up, drive to house, drive to gas station, wait, fill up and drive home.

I am actually pretty darn fed up with whatever is going on. How bad is it that you have to get up at 7am to go and get gas? We tried to get some last night but the lines were so bad we decided to wait until after we'd eaten dinner. By the time we finished our lovely sushi dinner the gas had run out.

Hurricane Ike was...what....2 or 3 weeks ago? How come we're the only city in the Southeast experiencing these problems? Why can't people get their crap together and get us the gas we need. I will say this....I'm darn glad I drive low end cars that only take Regular gas. The people that drive those high-falutin' fancy engine cars are all shit-outta luck because hardly any stations are carrying any octane higher than Regular. Thanks Mazda, Nissan and Honda for making cars for the regular kinda folks.

Anyway....if you can send Pepto for our gas stations, I'd appreciate it.

Later lovelies!


calicobebop said...

My parents live in NC and they are having the same trouble there - in fact the governer of NC declared a gas emergency! Something to do with the supply and distribution. Sorry to hear about your trouble - I hope it doesn't last much longer!

Plunger Girl said...

Ok, while I read the entire thing, I'm still stuck on the get out of bed and put on a bra and baseball cap bit. LMAO.

Imagine if that's all you'd put on to go get the gas.

the cubicle's backporch said...

That's crazy. Mr. C and I both drive 50 miles (one way) to work, so 200 miles a day between the two of us means that we fill up A LOT.

Right now gas in our area is at it's lowest price in a while- $3.57. So it really makes no sense why you guys don't have gas!

Stacie said...

wow, that is just CRAZY!!!!

Di said...

DUDE....1 hour yesterday evening and I had to drive to SMYRNA to get it !!! While I was waiting in line the pump to my left totally ran out.

How is it that we have no gas in Atlanta?

PS- my "verification word" (yqgpgpwd) was so messed up it took my Alzheimer's Brain 5 trys to get it right !

Vanessa said...

I saw this on the news tonight and I don't understand. The hurricane was quite a while ago to be having problems now.