Monday, September 8, 2008

Who told you that you were funny?

Okay....I admit that I watched the MTV VMAs last night. Well, actually, let me correct myself - I tore myself away from my work and watched Britney fumble her way through the opening remarks (and geez, someone show her how to hold a freakin' microphone wouldya?) and then half listened to the British idiot known as Russell Brand make a complete a freakin' fool of himself (I mean seriously - how many times can you make the Jonas Brothers the object of a joke in a two minute monologue?) and then watched Rihanna's pretty good opening song. I then mumbled about how stupid and retarded Russell Brand was and moaned something about how he can't even speak correctly (it's THink you idiot! Fink means something entirely different over here!). I heard Shooter gripe periodically about the performances as he half paid attention to it. I ended up falling asleep and he stayed up to watch Christina Aguilera. I'm so glad I didn't....that was one of the WORST lip syncing performances EVER in the HISTORY of MUSIC!!!!! I wonder how much time she put into preparing...even Britney does better than that!

Personally I was glad to see that the entire crowd wasn't behind Brand (as he obviously thought they would be) when he went on his Bush rant. See, Russell, it's like this - I can talk bad about my family but the minute you talk bad about them it's ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. His attempt at coming over to America and bashing our government didn't quite go over like he had hoped.

MTV...I hope you learned your lesson....


I so want Guitar Hero for my Wii. Shooter and I were at the Wal-Marts yesterday and for once it wasn't be hogged by some 10 yr old pre-acne twerp and I was able to try it out. I LOVE IT!!!!! I played one of the easiest of the easy songs but I was hooked. I tried using my puppy dog eyes on Shooter and it didn't work. I tried say pretty please with sugar on it and using puppy dog eyes and he stood like a rock. I tried hugging up to him as innocently as possible in the Wal-Mart but he held firm. I was about to launch into a tantrum but reigned myself in. I'll get it...and soon. I promise you!


The final kitten found a home. I took it to my boss' house on Saturday and it will now be living there with two beautiful girls to take care of it. If it's a girl it's name will be Sophie and if a boy it'll be named Sebastian. Both beautiful names for a beautiful kitten.

============================ to do some work....

Later lovelies,


Di said...

I missed the VMA's...I saw this morning though that she won 3 of them. Huh, go figure. I TOLD YOU BLACKOUT WAS GOOD (lol).

I think she holds the mic like that because that is how she holds her mic when she sings, you know, to cover up her mouth so that ti can't be seen if it's a bad sing along or not.

At least she looked good...and that's half the battle. That host, yeah, he was bad. Not in a good way like Michael Jackson sang about either.

*sigh* no wii for mii (yet)

jen @ the cubicle's backporch said...

Oh man! I meant to watch the VMAs then ended up watching the latest Die Hard on HBO (AWESOME movie!) so I missed it. Yeah I could've taped it, but I didn't feel like pushing the right buttons. heh.

I'm glad the kitten found a home, especially one where it will be loved! :)

for a different kind of girl said...

I have the DVR set to record the VMAs at a later date so I can speed through the junk, which is always most of the show, and get to what I want to see, which is, um, pretty much just the Jonas Brothers! What I don't understand is how Britney, with an album that tanked and videos I don't think anyone ever saw, "swept" the VMAs by winning three awards?!

Whatever you must do, do it in order to get Guitar Hero!!! Seriously, anything short of a felony is worth it to own that game!! (or, wait until fall when they release a "world tour" version complete with a mic and drums, just like Rock Band - I will have to be doing just about anything at that point in order to pick that up!)

calicobebop said...

I didn't watch the VMAs but I've been seeing Brittany all over the place today! Everybody says she made a come back - I guess clean living will do that for a girl!

Oh yeah, and I check out the "best and worst dressed" as well. That's my favorite part anyway. tee hee.

whitney said...

But you see... the last time someone said that one of us needed "another dog like you need another hole in your head," we got Max, and Justin got both his eyebrows pierced =P And I have been wanting to get my nose pierced.... =P

And yea, things are kinda nutty at the moment... it's fun! I think.

Anonymous said...

I've been BEGGIN' for a Wii just so I can have Rock Band. I dig the drums. But I want the Wii because I'm not into video games....

Christina sucked? That's sad. Thanks for the recap! Now I don't have to watch a long boring awards show. Sweet!

Plunger Girl said...

I wish I saw the VMAs. Sounds interesting. Damn Britney. Isn't she retired already?