Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My weird quirks, anxieties and compulsions (Part I)

I don't know exactly what compelled me to start writing this - perhaps it was the conversation I had with my Mom or with my BFF Di. I am weird. I figured that out a long time ago. Honestly, I surround myself with other pretty weird folks too. I've determined in my old age...ha!...that being weird is pretty darn cool. I certainly wouldn't have admitted that many years ago...say in high school...but I can certainly admit it now.

I have many weird quirksZ, anxieties and compulsions. Some people might call them normal - because they experience them - and others may look at them as completely strange and incomprehensible. I have decided to pull back the blinds on my weirdness and expose it to the light....in all it's quirky weird glory.

The first weird quirky thing that comes to mind is how I used to lay in bed as a child - and by child I'd say that it was mostly in my pre-teen and teenage years - and pretend that I'd been in a horrific car accident and was completely paralyzed. I'd pretend to lay there unconscious while people came and visited me. They'd cry and stay with me and read to me. I'd pretend that I wanted to talk to them but couldn't. I used to imagine that everyone who'd ever done anything wrong to me would come to my bedside and apologize and cry because of what they'd done. Mostly I'd pretend that my handsome boyfriend would insist on staying by my bedside and would declare his unending love for me.

It wasn't always a car accident, sometimes I would have broken my neck in a diving accident or I would fallen off a horse.

I always remember focusing on the people coming to see me and that they were so sorry and sad and were always telling me how much they loved me. The boyfriend was always part of it too.

I am sure that somewhere there's a psychiatrist who would have a field day with this.


whitney said...

HA! no weirder than your cousin who tried to break her right arm b/c she wanted to be a leftie... lol I think we're all just weird. Remember what Drew used to say? "The Parkers put the FUN back in Dysfunctional" - we've always been a bit quirky. =)

calicobebop said...

I used to pretend that I was in a glass box - like Snow White. Mostly it was to keep the monsters out. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.

Di said...

I still think I'll take the "weird cake".

Maccaroni & Cheese w/ beets- because I like pink maccaroni & cheese.

I drink a whole bottle of A1 Sauce on the way home from the grocery store, like it's water. I'll even make a special stop just to get a bottle. That's weird.

I communicate with my fur child using pictures in my mind. We stare at each other and "converse". I swear it works. I read about it on a website and pratice it each day with both kids, mostly Riley though.

I won't eat something if the food squeeks on my teeth when I chew.

Big bowls of cottage cheese creep me out.

the cubicle's backporch said...

I used to try and imagine what it would be like to be in a car accident, or other weird stuff like that b/c I wanted to be able to write about it. I think that's weird too!

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

i . so. frakin. kid. you . not.

i did the same thang. and my boyfirends name was kevin. and he always brought flowers...