Friday, October 7, 2011

You have a coupon for that?

So, I was suckered into signing up for a couple of those discount coupon sites and now get a bazillion emails into my mailbox every morning.

Mostly, I'm humored by what services are being offered...sometimes, I really wonder if the service being offered should be purchased through a discount coupon....examples:

Liposuction - Do you REALLY want to be THAT person who walks into the office and presents your coupon for a buy one get one Liposuction????  Do you really want to go to a surgeon who takes said coupon??

Dental Cleaning / Whitening - see above

Fishing Trip - aren't you afraid of getting lost on  the river or something?

Infrared Body Wrap - I mean, seriously?  That sounds dangerous enough on its own....

Photo-to-Metal print - Why yes, turn my sweet, innocent child into a that doesn't happen on a daily basis already.

BYOB Glassblowing Experience - sure....molten glass and blow torches aren't dangerous enough on their own...let's throw alcoholic beverages into the mix.

Facial and Dermaplaning - Dermaplaning?  Nuff said.

Frozen Yogurt! - I only mention this because apparently Frozen Yogurt without an exclamation isn't nearly as good.  :-)

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The Cubicle's Backporch said...

hee hee. One time I bought a get-well card that had a picture of a doctor's office on the front that said "Breat Implants- Buy 2 get one free!" Gotta love the coupons!