Sunday, October 16, 2011

Today's edition of things that annoy me, I've been dealing with the "crud" that's going around.  I was sick two weeks ago before I got my flu shot and then got the shot and then got sick all over again.  Then Parker started getting all snotty.  Then I noticed that a lot of folks at his daycare were snotty.  Well, after a full week of nearly mind blowing headaches, I'm finally back to normal, except for this hacky cough. 

Well, guess who's gotten sick now....Shooter.  Who, last night before bed, starts in on how bad he feels and oh how he's sooooo sick.

**sidebar - just yesterday, during the day, Shooter's parents and I were having a conversation about how Parker seems to get his flair for the dramatic from him....**

Please, I have been sick for going on three weeks....and worked....and took care of the house, kinda....and cared for our kid....and cooked meals, kinda....

I don't wanna hear it.

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