Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Is it too early to start teaching my child the benefits/consequences to choices?

He turned 2 in mid July.

Well...tonight we tried a lesson in didn't go well....

I gave Parker a choice - he could keep playing with his toys in his playroom or watch Cars.  He said he wanted to keep playing.  I explained that his choice meant that he couldn't watch Cars and he said, "Keeep payin with mah toyeeez". Okay, but explained again, that meant no Cars and milk in his room and then bed.

So of course, comes time to clean up and the fit starts.  He won't help clean up and fights me tooth and nail the entire time.  He then hysterically wants Cars. 

I stick with it though, no Cars, baby, time to have our milk in your room then on to bed.  Oh, it was one fit to behold...a masterful one...he's getting good at this terrible 2 thing.

I got him settled...we drank some a couple of stories....then when Mommy says that it's time to brush teeth and go to bed, the waterworks start again.

He cries through the tooth brushing.

He cries through the prayers.

He even asks for Cars as we're putting him in the crib....the kid is nothing but persistent.

In the end I really felt badly for him...his routine was out of whack, but that was really due to a choice he'd play in his playroom rather than watch his movie. 

Sometimes choices are hard - sometimes the consequences are harder.

I guess I did the right thing....what kind of child would I be raising if I don't give him the opportunity to choose and then have to live with that choice.  I want my child to understand that he has to make his own decisions, that he's empowered to make his own decisions, but that he has to bear responsibility for those decisions. 

This parenting gig isn't an easy one...

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whitney said...

no, I don't think 2 is too young... that's the problem- a lot of parents cave and their child learns that there really aren't consequences for choices because they've never had the follow through.