Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just call me Iron Chef!

So, I have started up participation in a CSA at my office.  I'm quite excited about it because I get a goodie grab bag of produce and then get to figure out how to cretively use it!  It's kinda like Chopped...or Top Chef! not really, but in my eyes it is.

So, this week I got a glorious basket of produce including:

Red Kale
Bibb lettuce
Pie Pumpkin
Yellow Delicous Apples
Sweet potatoes
Sweet Basil
Juicing oranges
Brussell Sprouts

I mean, awesome is all that?!?!?!

One of my coworkers got the fully organic basket and it had rainbow carrotts and chard and butternut squash.  OH YUM!!!!

I have to say, I'm going to really enjoy getting these baskets.  We are set for a delivery every two weeks and once we transition into spring and summer...yippee!!

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