Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So...the word I always thought I always wanted to hear....


Nope....not anymore....especially not at 12:15am....especially not at 12:15am when  it's being screamed by a toddler from across the house...especially not at 12:15am by a screaming toddler who has a diaper full of poo and a husband who's so asleep a hurricane wouldn't wake him.

The Toddler, as I'm now going to refer to him - kinda like when you were a teenager and you were so disgusted with your Mom that you'd rile her on purpose by calling her Mooootherrrr *eye roll* - has decided that when anyone else comes to take care of him, he wants to chant "I need my Mommy, NOOOO, I need my MoooOOOOOooooommmMMMMMmmmmyyyYYYYyyy!"

I remember, many moons ago, when The Toddler was a wee lil cute, so innocent, so sweet smelling.  I would gaze into his beautiful blue eyes and dream of the day he'd call me Mommy.

Yea, boy...if I knew then what I know now.   I'd have followed through on that promise of freezing him at his adorable, chubby, 9 month old stage.

But we are....The Toddler is three full months into the 2s and it's allllllllllll about his Mommy.  I have to say, I love it....sometimes....other times, I'm like, seriously, kid....can't your Daddy give you a bath?  Can't your Daddy change your diaper? 

I absolutely love that Toddler with all my heart, though. 
He's strong willed and he's a natural comedian.. 
He's a slave to his schedule and he loves to hop like a bunny.
He loves to snuugle and he loves to run wild.
He loves unconditionally and is a climbing daredevil.
He's all that is good and wonderful wrapped up into a mischievious, nudie time loving Toddler.

Mommy - yea, it's a pretty great word to hear screamed from your Toddler's mouth - as long as it's not in the middle of the night or following a huge thump and cry. 

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April said...

I often tell Hunter, "Mommy's changing her name!!!" LOL